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ISMB'96: List of accepted papers; early registration deadline (May 1)

Pankaj Agarwal agarwal at ibc.wustl.edu
Tue Apr 23 11:54:47 EST 1996

   The Fourth International Conference on Computational Biology
        Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology '96
                   June 12 to 15, 1996
                  Washington University
                St. Louis, Missouri, USA


New - List of papers to appear in proceedings
New - Application procedure for travel awards for students

  -- Registration open (late fees after May 1)
  -- Housing reservations (deadline May 1)
  -- Abstracts for open poster session (extended deadline May 15)
  -- Tentative calendar
  -- List of tutorials offered
  -- Job fair
  -- Vendor fair (deadline May 15)

Available soon
  -- List of software demonstrations to be presented
  -- Detailed calendar

If you have access to the world wide web, please register for ISMB'96 
directly on the WWW http://www.ibc.wustl.edu/ismb96/register.html
Also check http://www.ibc.wustl.edu/ismb96/ for the latest information
on the conference.

A distribution mailing list is available for people who want to be
kept informed about ISMB matters. Join it by 
sending mail to majordomo at ibc.wustl.edu with the words 

subscribe ismb96

as the body of the message. 

List of papers to be presented at the meeting and to appear 
in the proceedings 

 --  "Improving the Quality of Automatic DNA Sequence Assembly Using
Fluorescent Trace-Data Classifications". 
Carolyn F. Allex, Schuyler F. Baldwin, Jude W. Shavlik, and Frederick
R. Blattner.

 --  "The Megaprior Heuristic for Discovering Protein Sequence Patterns". 
Timothy L. Bailey and Michael Gribskov.

 --  "From Electron Density and Sequence to Structure:  Integrating Protein
Image Analysis and Threading for Structure Determination". 
Kim Baxter, Evan Steeg, Richard Lathrop, Janice Glasgow, and Suzanne Fortier.

 --  "Discovering Patterns and Subfamilies in Biosequences". 
Alvis Brazma, Inge Jonassen, Esko Ukkonen, and Jaak Vilo.

 --  "A Sequence Similarity Search Algorithm Based on a Probabilistic
Interpretation of an Alignment Scoring System". 
Philipp Bucher and Kay Hofmann.

 --  "The Mathematical Model of Subtractive Hybridization and its Practical
Olga D. Ermolaeva, Sergy A. Lukyanov and Eugene D. Sverdlov.

 --  "Using Iterative Dynamic Programming to Obtain Accurate Pairwise
and Multiple Alignments of Protein Structures". 
Mark Gerstein and Michael Levitt.

 --  "GeneFisher - Software Support for the Detection of Postulated Genes". 
Robert Giegerich, Folker Meyer, and Chris Schleiermacher

 --  "Ontological Foundations for Biology Knowledge Models". 
Carole D. Hafner and Natalya Fridman.

 --  "Good Maps are Straight". 
Eric Harley, Anthony J. Bonner, and Nathan Goodman.

 --  "A Top-Down Approach to Whole Genome Visualization". 
K. Heumann, C. Harris, and H.W. Mewes. 

 --  "A Probabilistic Classification System for Predicting the Cellular
Localization Sites of Proteins". 
Paul Horton and Kenta Nakai.

 --  "HinCyc: A Knowledge Base of the Complete Genome and Metabolic
Pathways of H. influenzae". 
Peter D. Karp, Christos Ouzounis, and Suzanne Paley.

 --  "Inferring Relatedness of a Macromolecule to a Sequence Database
Without Sequencing". 
Jin Kim, James R. Cole, Eric Torng, and Sakti Pramanik.

 --  "A Generalized Hidden Markov Model for the Recognition of Human
Genes in DNA".  
David Kulp, David Haussler, Martin G. Reese, and Frank H. Eeckman.

 --  "A Grammar-Based Unification of Several Alignment and Folding
Fabrice Lefebvre.

 --  "Parameterization Studies for the SAM and HMMER Methods of Hidden
Markov Model Generation". 
Marcella A. McClure, Chris Smith, and Pete Elton.

 --  "Applications of GeneMark in Multispecies Environments". 
James D. McIninch, William S. Hayes and Mark Borodovsky.

 --  "Genome-Scale DNA Sequence Recognition by Hybridization to Short
Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Suzana Savkovic,  Radomir Crkvenjakov, David
Salbego, Hope Serrato, Heidi Kreuzer, Anne Gemmell, Shawna Batus,
Danica Grujic, Susan Carnahan, and Jovanka Tepavcevic.

 --  "Characterization of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Promoters Using Hidden
Markov Models". 
Anders Gorm Pedersen, Pierre Baldi, Soren Brunak, and Yves Chauvan.

 --  "Refining Neural Network Predictions for Helical Transmembrane
Proteins by Dynamic Programming". 
Burkhard Rost, Rita Casadio, and Piero Fariselli.

 --  "Finding Genes in DNA Using Decision Trees and Dynamic Programming". 
Steven Salzberg, Xin Chen, John Henderson, and Kenneth Fasman.

 --  "Compact Encoding Strategies for DNA Sequence Similarity Search". 
David J. States and Pankaj Agarwal.

 --  "A Knowledge-Based Method for Protein Structure Refinement and
Shankar Subramaniam, David K. Tcheng and James M. Fenton.

 --  "Discovering Empirically Conserved Amino Acid Substitution Groups in
Databases of Protein Families". 
Thomas D. Wu and Douglas L. Brutlag.

 --  "Gene Recognition in Cyanobacterium Genomic Sequence Data Using the
Hidden Markov Model". 
Tetsushi Yada and Makoto Hirosawa.

 --  "Gene Prediction by Pattern Recognition and Homology Search". 
Ying Xu and Edward C. Uberbacher.

 REGISTRATION FORM for ISMB 96 (late fees after May 1, 1996)
  (to be used only if you do not have access to the WWW)

        Please fill out and email to ismb96 at ibc.wustl.edu
        or fax to (314) 362-0234 
        or paper mail to :

                ISMB'96 registration
                Institute for Biomedical Computing
                700 South Euclid Avenue
                St. Louis, MO  63110-1012

Name:        ________________________________________

Department:  ________________________________________


The department and organization will be included on your ISMB'96 badge.

Address:     ________________________________________

Phone:       ________________________________________

Fax:         ________________________________________

Email:       ________________________________________
Your e-mail address will be used as a unique identifier
for your registration. 


Please make your choice by changing "___" to "_X_". This will make it
easier to parse your answers.

Professional Standing:
  ___ Undergrad Student
  ___ Grad Student
  ___ Postdoc
  ___ Programmer
  ___ Faculty
  ___ Scientist
  ___ Staff

Registration status:
  ___ Unspecified
  ___ Commercial ($600)
  ___ Academic/Government ($350)
  ___ Full-Time Student/Postdoc ($295 - valid ID required)
  ___ Program Committee Member ($295)

Registration fees include meals, proceedings, materials and admissions
fees. After May 1, a $100 late fee will be required ($50 for

Tutorial Registration

$95 for 1 tutorial
$125 for 2 tutorials
Full-time student/postdoc: $35 (for 2 tutorials)
(We strongly encourage all students to attend two tutorials.) 

Morning tutorial:
  ___ T-1 Intro to Molecular Biology (Roth)
  ___ T-2 Intro to Machine Learning for Molecular Biology (Shavlik & Salzberg)
  ___ T-3 Intro to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenic Reconstruction (McClure)
  ___ T-4 Hidden Markov Models, Part 1: Using and understanding HMMs (UCSC group)
Afternoon tutorial:
  ___ T-5 Automated Microbial Genome Analysis  (Gaasterland & Sensen)
  ___ T-6 Computation with Metabolic Pathways (Ouzounis & Karp)
  ___ T-7 Recurrent Processes in Genome Evolution (Sankoff)
  ___ T-8 Hidden Markov Models, Part 2: Building HMMs (UCSC group)

Tutorial fees include meals for June 11, notes and admission to the
selected tutorial(s).

Would you like to access the ISMB'96 job fair resume database?

  ___ No
  ___ Yes - Commercial ($100)
  ___ Yes - Academic ($25)
You must submit a job opening or organization description to be able
to browse the resume database.  The fee includes access to resume
database and on-site interview rooms.

There is no charge for submitting a resume/CV for the job fair.

Arrival : 
 ___ June 11 ___ June 12 ___ June 13 ___ June 14 ___ June 15
 ___ Morning ___ Afternoon ___ Evening
 ___ June 16 ___ June 13 ___ June 14 ___ June 15
 ___ Morning ___ Afternoon ___ Evening

Will you be applying for travel support? 
 ___ No ___ Yes (http://www.ibc.wustl.edu/ismb96/fellowship.html)

Dietary Restrictions: 
 ___ None ___ Vegetarian ___ Kosher

Will you be attending the Saturday evening banquet? (Space may be limited.)
 ___ Undecided ___ Yes ___ No

Are you an author on a proceedings paper?
 ___ No ___ Yes, I will be presenting ___ Yes, Co-author will be presenting

If yes, enter the last name of the first author ______________

All attendees are encouraged to present a poster. 
If you or a co-author has already submitted an abstract, please enter 
Abstract Number: _______
Abstract Title: ______________________________

For our informational purposes, please specify 
The housing you are using:
         ___ unspecified
         ___ Best Western
         ___ Courtyard Marriot
         ___ Drury Inn
         ___ Hampton Inn
         ___ Dormitories
         ___ Other housing
         ___ I Live Locally

Gender: ___ Male ___ Female
Travel Origination country: ______


                       Total payment calculation

1. Registration                                      ________
        Student ($295)
        Program Committee ($295)
        Academic/Government ($350)
        Commercial ($600)
2. Tutorial                                          ________
        Student ($35)
        One tutorial ($95)
        Two tutorials ($125)
3. Job fair (accessing resume database)              ________
        Academic/Government ($25)
        Commercial ($100)
4. Late fee (after May 1, 1996)                      ________
        Students/Academic/Government ($50)
        Commercial ($100)
Total:                                          US $         

   ___ Check (please mail check in US dollars payable to ISMB'96
              along with the registration form)
   ___ VISA 
   ___ MasterCard
        For credit card payments either fill out the following four
        lines and mail, or call the information listed below to Debbie
        Peterson at 314-362-2139  

      Name on Credit Card:  __________________________
      Credit Card Number :  __________________________

      Expiration Date    :  __________________________
      Signature          :  __________________________
        On completing the registration form you may 
        1. email it to ismb96 at ibc.wustl.edu
        2. fax it to (314) 362-0234; Attn: ISMB'96 Registration
        3. paper mail it to :

                ISMB'96 Registration
                Institute for Biomedical Computing
                700 South Euclid Avenue
                St. Louis, MO  63110-1012

Your registration will not be regarded as complete until we receive
the payment.

Address questions to ismb96 at ibc.wustl.edu
Date posted April 22, 1996
Pankaj Agarwal			
ISMB'96 Organizing Committee

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