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OOCNS'95 Call For Participation

Philippe Genoud Philippe.Genoud at imag.fr
Thu Sep 14 03:43:00 EST 1995

                            SECOND CIRCULAR

        Second  Multi-disciplinary International Workshop on

    O B J E C T - O R I E N T E D    C O M P U T I N G  I N    T H E
                    N A T U R A L    S C I E N C E S

                           Grenoble, France

                         November 21-24, 1995

    With Support of
         IMAG (Informatique Mathematiques Appliquees,Grenoble, France)
         EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory,Heidelberg, Germany)

        OOCNS95 at EMBL-Heidelberg.de
        Jacques Lemordant (OOCNS'95)            
        ViS-GRAVIR-IMAG                   Phone: +33-76-51-44-98        
        BP 43, 38041 Grenoble             Fax:   +33-76-63-84-23
        Cedex 9, France                                         
        Email: lemordan at imag.fr (NeXT-mail)             
        Georg Tuparev
        EMBL / Protein Design             Phone: +49-6221-387524
        Meyerhofstr. 1                    FAX:   +49-6221-387517
        D-69117 Heidelberg
        E-Mail: Tuparev at EMBL-Heidelberg.de (MIME/NeXT-mail)

This workshop will bring together computer scientists and experts  from
different fields in the natural sciences involved or interested in
Object-Oriented Computing. The latest languages and environments will be
presented, visions and requests for the next generation of scientific
computing environments will be addressed.

Most of the scientific computing being done all over the world today uses
the classic resources made available during the heyday of mainframe
computers and the introduction of relatively simple graphical user
interfaces (X11).  However, the amount of data being processed has
exploded over the past decade, straining the capabilities of standard
methods and program packages.  The natural scientist can no longer
flexibly analyze the available data because only specialized solutions to
particular problems are available - she/he spends much of her/his time
worrying about how to get to a particular goal rather than what it means
to have attained it.

The new generations of object-oriented (OO) computer languages and systems
promise to free the users from much of this outdated computational burden
but they are being developed mainly with commercial applications in mind.
Now that the vendors of OO technology are beginning to cooperate (e.g.
OpenStep, CORBA) and/or are offering the same systems on many hardware
platforms (e.g.  NEXTSTEP on Intel PC's and Sun and HP workstations), the
time has come to focus on what OUR needs are and how they might be
implemented in the near future on available systems.  An exchange of
information with the academic and commercial developers of OO systems is
needed.  Because theoretical discussions and academic exercises are
unlikely to bear fruits on time scales of interest to the active
researcher, this conference has as its underlying goal the discussion and
formulation of concrete measures which might enable us to begin using the
fruits of OO software-technology soon.

Finally, this conference is intended to provide a forum in which current
OOP projects - both scientific and commercial -- can be displayed,
discussed, and compared in the hopes that we might all profit from the
experience of others.

The following computer science topics will be covered:

        o  Object-oriented  languages

        o  Object-oriented data bases and knowledge representation

        o  Object-oriented environments

        o  Natural programming (visual,scripts, ...)

        o  Design patterns

The following natural science fields will be covered:

        o  Physics

        o  Astrophysics

        o  Ecology

        o  Chemistry

        o  Molecular Biology

        o  Earth sciences

Working scientists from a wide variety of fields (astronomy, agriculture,
computer science, engineering geology, high-energy physics, mathematics,
molecular biology and veterinary epidemiology) met last year at OOCNS'94 to
share their experiences and discuss why and how object orientation is
beneficial for solving their problems. Among others topics , the handling
of large amount of complex computer data, the choice of the right OO
language and the interactive ways to operate on data where discussed.
Besides case studies, OOCNS'95 will be  a place to discuss new environment
such as  OpenStep, new languages such as Dylan and facilities offered
by OO databases.
Information on OOCNS'94 (Report on the conference) can be found on :

In order to promote discussion, each day will start with a few invited
talks (40min) and a small number of contributed talks (20min), followed by
panel discussions. The afternoons will be filled with time for working
groups, seminars, poster sessions, demonstrations, and a vendor fair.
Interested speakers are asked to send an extended abstract with up to 300
words  including a short bibliography by September 15, 1995 via email to

    OOCNS95 at imag.fr

A LaTeX template will be available via anonymous ftp from

The number of talks is restricted by time limitation. Authors will be
notified  of acceptance by  July 15, 1995 for abstract received by June 30,
1995 or by September 30, 1995 for abstract received by September 15, 1995. A
preliminary program will be distributed via a public electronic bulletin.

We are planning to publish a selection of articles after the workshop and
are  currently in contact with publishers.

The list of (tentatively) invited speakers includes:

L. Buisson       (Grenoble, F)          M. Johnson  (Boston, USA)
D. Coyle         (Heidelberg, D)        C.  Roche   (Chambery,F)
S. Garfinkel     (Boston, USA)          A.  Stone   (Albuquerque, USA)                                  

The workshop will take place at the new Jean Kuntzmann house on the campus
of  the University of Grenoble. The Jean Kuntzmann house belongs to the
IMAG Institute.

Location:      Maison Jean Kuntzmann,
               University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Date:          November 21 - 24, 1995

The workshop is organized by the
        IMAG Institute at the Jean Kuntzmann House
        and by  the
        European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg, Germany)

        Jacques Lemordant  (IMAG) <Jacques.lemordant at imag.fr>                                   
        Georg Tuparev      (EMBL) <tuparev at EMBL-Heidelberg.de>
Members of the organizing committee are:
P. Genoud     (IMAG, Grenoble, France)
G. Hoffleit   (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany)
G. Kuntz      (IMAG, Grenoble, France).

Members of the program committee are:
L. Buisson   (Grenoble, France)
F. Hessman   (Gottingen, Germany)
D. Coyle     (MPI furKernphysik,  Heidelberg, Germany)
S. Garfinkel (Boston, USA)
P. Dell      (Boston University, MA, USA)
C.  Roche    (Chambery, France)
M. Johnson   (MIT, Boston, MA,USA)
A.  Stone    (Albuquerque,NM, USA)

The workshop is open to all researchers. All participants planning to
attend the workshop are requested to fill in the registration form either

1. Automatic WWW registration form:                     
2. the  PostScript template
3. the  ascii form
4. the form at the end of this announcement

If you register with 2. or 3. or 4., return the form by fax, mail
or email to:

Jacques Lemordant (OOCNS'95)            
BP 43, 38041 Grenoble           
Cedex 9                         
Email: OOCNS95 at imag.fr                  
Phone: +33-76-51-44-98  
Fax:   +33-76-63-84-23                          
Fees (FF =  French Franc):      
FF 350,- students; (identification will be required at registration!)   
FF 700,- academic
FF 1200,- other         
FF 1800,- commercial or to be negotiated on a personal basis.
          In case you are interested to give a presentation
          of a commercial product, please call +33-76-51-44-98

These fees are necessary in order to cover printing costs (abstract
volume, the program of the conference, coffee during the breaks and the
travel expenses of invited speakers).
Payment should be made via Bank transfer to:
   Bank: TPGrenoble
   Bank code:  10071            
   Position: 38000                              
   Account No:  00003000142
   Bank Identification key :  40        
   Reference: OOCNS95

Name and address of the bank:                           
   Tresorerie Generale de l'Isere                               
   8 rue de Belgrade
   38022 Grenoble cedex

Name and address of the account's owner:
   Universite Joseph Fourier 1.Agent Comptable                          
   BP 53, 38041 Grenoble cedex 9, France

It is important to include the OOCNS95 Reference in the payment as comment.
Sorry: The university cannot handle credit cards.

   <http://OOCNS95.imag.fr/visHome/OOCNS95  or
   <ftp://ftp.imag.fr/pub/vis/OOCNS95  or
   OOCNS95 at imag.fr or
   OOCNS95 at EMBL-Heidelberg.de

Note: The most recent information can always be found on any of the
conference WWW or FTP servers.

Submit Title:                                                   
      September 30, 1995
Submit Abstracts:
      October   15, 1995
Final Registration and Payment:                         
      October   25, 1995


The workshop will be held in Grenoble, France. Grenoble is
located in the French Alps.

You can easily come to Grenoble by plane: if you land in Lyon-Satolas, take
a direct bus to Grenoble (schedules available from SatoBus (33) 72 22 72 21);
from Paris or Geneva,
you will have to take a train (3 hours from Paris and 1 hour from Geneva).

The Workshop location on the campus of the University Joseph Fourier
is connected by a direct tram to the train/Satobus station (20mn) and to
downtown Grenoble (15mn).       


        1- Hotel Terminus
                10 place de la Gare
                38000 Grenoble
                Tel: (33) 76 87 24 33
                Fax: (33) 76 50 38 28
                Single rooms between 200 and 450 FF

        2- Hotel des Alpes
                45 avenue Felix Viallet
                38000 Grenoble
                Tel: (33) 76 87 00 71
                Fax: (33) 76 56 95 45
                Single rooms between 220 and 280 FF

        3- Hotel Bastille
                25 avenue Felix Viallet
                38000 Grenoble
                Tel: (33) 76 43 10 27
                Fax: (33) 76 87 52 69
                Single rooms: 220 FF

        4- Hotel Bristol
                11 avenue Felix Viallet
                38000 Grenoble
                Tel: (33) 76 46 11 18
                Fax: (33) 76 87 73 55
                Single rooms between 170 and 230 FF

        All the indicated hotels are very close to the station.
        Information on downtown hotels can be obtained on request from
        the local tourist information


        If you decide to stay for a while in Grenoble, you ought to know that
        several ski resorts are opened at the end of november. In Grenoble,
        you will also find a national museum and lots to do; you can
        always get more information from the  Tourist Office of Grenoble:
        Tel. (33) 76 54 34 36, Fax. (33) 76 51 28 69.


          O B J E C T - O R I E N T E D    C O M P U T I N G   I N    T H E
                      N A T U R A L    S C I E N C E S

                               Grenoble, France

                           21 - 24 November, 1995

Title/Surname ________________________ First Name ______________________________

Affiliation ____________________________________________________________________

Mailing address (please fill in completely)




Phone _________________________________ Fax ____________________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________________

Have you send an abstract for a  20-minute contributed talk?      o yes     o  no

        If yes, title __________________________________________________________



        Will you want to give a software demo ?          o yes     o  no

        If yes, hardware platform/operating system ____________ /_______________

Fees (FF =  French Franc):
        o   FF 350,- students; (identification will be required at registration!)
        o   FF 700,- academic
        o   FF 1200,- other
        o  FF 1800,- commercial

Date of   bank transfer :  ___/___/___

Date ________________________________ Signature ________________________________

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