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Fri Sep 8 13:34:01 EST 1995

           Call for submission for the

                   Workshop on


                on January 18-20, 1996
   at the German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, Germany


Algorithmic recognition of gene promoters has been of interest for
many years, in part for the possibility of shedding light on the
mechanisms of transcription, and in part because it is an important
component of the gene identification problem. In the last few years
this old problem has changed in character, growing in difficulty, in
interest, and in opportunities for application.  
Fundamentally, this change comes from 
(1) the realization that, at least in eukaryotes,
    there are no simple patterns characteristic of all promoters
(2) a huge increase in knowledge of the transcriptional regulatory
    mechanisms of specific genes and classes of genes, and
(3) the new opportunities and needs created by the large scale cDNA and 
    genome sequencing projects. 
With this change has come a increased willingness to apply
computational approaches to problems in the field of transriptional
regulation, ranging from the characterizion of individual gene
regulatory elements to the analysis of complex transcriptional control
regions acting through synergistic effects of mutliple DNA-binding
proteins. The possibility of predicting the transcriptional context
of a gene may also yield hints as to its function. Important
applications are in the search for so-called 'disease genes' and in
the design of pharmaceuticals.

The emphasis of this workshop will be the computational recognition of
eukaryotic transcriptional regulatory regions of genes and, the
determination of the conditions under which they are active. This
meeting will allow to scientists from both the theoretical and
experimental fields to work together and exchange information.

Organizing Committee:

Phillip Bucher ( ISREC , Lausanne , Switzerland )
Jim Fickett ( Los Alamos , USA )
Artemis Hatzigeorgiou ( coordinator ) ( DKFZ , Heidelberg , Germany )
Edgar Wingender ( GBF , Braunschweig , Germany )

Contributions from computer science, experimental biology, genome
research, mathematics and biophysics are invited for oral and poster
presentations. Submissions for the workshop can be sent in the form
of either an extended abstract or a full paper, but should not exceed
8 pages in length. Accepted contributions will be collected as a
booklet and distributed to the participants.

Deadline for submissions (3 copies) is November 20, 1995
Deadline for registration is January 11, 1995

The Workshop is sponsored by the European Union and the German Cancer
Research Centre.

Further information:

A. Hatzigeorgiou, Molecular Biophysics (0810)
German Cancer Research Centre, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Tel. (+49) 6221 - 422339, Fax (+49) 6221 - 422333
email: hatzigeorgiou at dkfz-heidelberg.de

Registration form ( to be sent preferably by email to the adress above ):

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on January  18-20, 1996, at the German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, Germany

Name        : 
Institution : 
Address     : 
email       : 
Tel         : 
Fax         : 

Do you wish to make a presentation?     (yes) - (no) 

Would you prefer to make an oral or poster presentation?     (oral) - (poster)

( A limited number of contributions will be selected for oral presentation )

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