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paper: Path-integral evolution of chaos embedded in noise:

Lester Ingber ingber at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon May 22 19:26:56 EST 1995

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       Path-integral evolution of chaos embedded in noise:
                   Duffing neocortical analog
                          Lester Ingber
                     Lester Ingber Research
           P.O. Box 857, McLean, Virginia 22101 U.S.A.
                    ingber at alumni.caltech.edu
                        Ramesh Srinivasan
                    Department of Psychology
        University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403 U.S.A.
                    ramesh at oregon.uoregon.edu
                      Electrical Geodesics
                   Eugene, Oregon 97403 U.S.A.
                          Paul L. Nunez
              Department of Biomedical Engineering
     Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 U.S.A.
                 pnunez at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Abstract--A  two  dimensional  time-dependent  Duffing oscillator
model of macroscopic neocortex exhibits chaos for some ranges  of
parameters.   We  embed  this model in moderate noise, typical of
the context presented in real neocortex, using  PATHINT,  a  non-
Monte-Carlo path-integral algorithm that is particularly adept in
handling nonlinear Fokker-Planck systems.   This  approach  shows
promise  to  investigate whether chaos in neocortex, as predicted
by such models, can survive in noisy contexts.
Keywords: chaos, path integral, Fokker Planck, Duffing  equation,
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