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Sequence Analysis Workshop

Stephen Altschul altschul at ray.nlm.nih.gov
Tue Jul 6 09:12:04 EST 1993


                        Hartley Conference Center
                    Mitchell School of Earth Sciences
                    Stanford University, Stanford, CA

                           August 5 - 6, 1993

                       THURSDAY:   AUGUST 5, 1993

Session I.      Protein Structure  (12:30 - 3:00)

        Chairman:  F. Cohen

        T. Smith            A Protein Core Structure Library and Its Use in
		            Nonhomologous Extension Modeling

        S. Bryant           A  Residue Contact Potential for Threading Protein
                            Sequence Through Folding Motif

        T. Lybrand          Generation of Three-Dimensional Protein Models
                            Using Computational Methods and Experimental Data

        C. Ring             Application of Homology-Built Structures

        J. Blaney           Conformationally Flexible Docking and Evolution of
                            Molecules to Fit a Binding Site of Known Structure.

Break - 45 minutes

Session II.  Sequence Alignment (3:45 - 7:15)

        Chairman:  M. Waterman

        C. Lawrence         Gibbs Free Energy and the Gibbs Sampler Converge to
                            Align Multiple Biopolymer Sequences

        D. Sankoff          Genomic Distances

        G. Stormo           Identifying Domains in RNA Composed of Sequence and
Break - 30 minutes

        G. Gonnet           (tentative)  The IMD Sequence Alignment Algorithm:
                            Theory and Practice

        S. Henikoff         Amino Acid Substitution Matrices without

        V. Brendel          Score Statistics for Molecular Sequence Analysis

                       FRIDAY:  AUGUST 6, 1993

Session III.  Repeating Structures and Sequence Inhomogeneity (9:00 - 12:30)

        Chairman:  S. Karlin

        M. Calos            Evolution of Repeats and Transposable Elements from
                            Bacteria to Humans

        J. Jurka            Identification and Analysis of Human Interspersed
                            Repetitive Elements

        P. Green            Analysis of C. Elegans Genomic Sequence

Break - 30 minutes

        P. Pevzner          Genome Inhomogeneity and Overlapping Words Paradox

        G. Schachtel        Assessing Inhomogeneities in Long DNA Sequences

        D. States           TBA

Session IV.  Informal Presentations and Discussion (2:30 - 6:00)

        Chairman:  S. Altschul

Break - 4:30

There is no registration fee.  However, for those who need lodging,
dormitory rooms are available on the Stanford campus at $42.50 single and
$35.00 shared.  Those planning to attend and requiring a room are advised
to make a reservation as soon as possible by contacting Samuel Karlin.
Attendees with a reservation may pick up room keys at Elliot Program Center.
		     Telephone          FAX                   email
                   --------------  --------------  ----------------------------
Samuel Karlin      (415) 723-2204  (415) 725-2040  fd.zgg at forsythe.stanford.edu
Fred Cohen         (415) 426-8519  (415) 476-6515  cohen at cgl.ucsf.edu
Michael Waterman   (213) 740-2408  (213) 740-2437  msw at hto.usc.edu
Stephen Altschul   (301) 496-2475  (301) 480-9241  altschul at nlm.nih.gov

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