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Kenneth D. Bergman kbergman at keene.edu
Fri Mar 17 09:45:14 EST 1995

Mark Burgess wrote, concerning the taxonomy of Chlamydomonas:

>kingdom Plant, phylum Algae, division Chlorophyta, class Chlorophyceae, 

The Five Kingdom scheme is employed in most introductory Biology textbooks
in the U.S., including those by Neil Campbell, (botanist) Peter Raven &
George Johnson, and Cecie Starr & Ralph Taggart. 

In these texts, the division Chlorophyta, despite its relationship to
"true" plants, is placed in the Kingdom Protista. 

The assignment of an algal division to Kingdom Protista rather than Plantae
probably reflects the judgement that taxonomy ought to reflect more than
simple continuity of lineage, and most new students of Biology (including
future phycologists)in the U.S. are now routinely exposed to this taxonomic

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