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Charles J. O'Kelly okellyc at ophelia.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Thu Mar 16 12:57:24 EST 1995

In article <D5J3q9.Ex1 at cix.compulink.co.uk> markburgess at cix.compulink.co.uk ("Mark Burgess") writes:

>kingdom Plant


> phylum Algae

sorry, no such beast any more.  "algae" are polyphyletic many times
over, hence the word is to be treated as a common name only.

-phylum- (zoological code of nomenclature) = -division- (botanical code
of nomenclature).

> division Chlorophyta, class Chlorophyceae, 
>order Volvocales, family Chlamydomonadaceae, genus Chlamydomonas

this is correct for the botanical code of nomenclature.  the zoological
code has a different set of names that apply.

some current hierarchies are given in the Protist Image Database

>As to the species: there are vast numbers. 

more than 600, in fact!  see PID for citation.

> The one most often illustrated in UK books is C. pertusa (Chodat), 
> a species with a stellate chloroplast.

funny.  to most folk I know the two species of Chlamydomonas most
illustrated and studied are C. reinhardtii Dangeard and C. moewusii
Gerloff (aka C. eugametos Moewus).  

>Mark Burgess

charley o'kelly
mad protistologist
okellyc at bch.umontreal.ca
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