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Genes for controlling Photosynthesis

Mickman567 mickman567 at aol.com
Thu Apr 27 17:23:37 EST 1995

Usually they say not to state your "rank" of your occupation on the
internet so you will be treated as an "equal".  Well, frankly, I don't
I am a Senior in High School taking an AP Biology class. ( I plan on
majoring in Biology next year at the University of Northern Iowa)
Anyway I am composing a report on genes that control Photosynthesis in
plants---- kevin Redding at the Universiy of Geneva has been greatful
enough to get me started in the direction of the algae Chlamydomonas.  
He gave me a report entitled "Chlamydomonas Nuclear Genes Involved in
Chloroplast gene expression"  What I basically get out of this is that
inside the nucleus of the chloroplast cell their are nuclear genes that
code to turn on chloroplast genes this invloves a downstream. (?) about
the downstream terminology? anyway---This gene turns on an operon which
then hits the switch to make RuBP ect.  I realize this gene loci tscA has
not been found on the exact location of the chromosome --Or has it?- But
how does tscA work? How can it regulate this process? How does it know
when to turn on and off ect? Why does it do this?  These might be stupid
questions but if you have any idea about what I am talking about --PLEASE
HELP!!!!!  I would definitely like to do more research on this subject. It
is very interesting!  Thanks for taking the time to read my message---I
hope it made sense-I'm still trying to fit the puzzle together persay on
the report so please forgive my lack of knowledge about the subject.  Also
I need a foundation to fall on about the subject if anyone could please
give me a little info about Chlamydomonas just on the basics of the algae
Thanks so much
Michael McCain

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