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database updates

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Thu Apr 13 15:51:06 EST 1995

I have just finished a major update to the Chlamy database, incorporating
the plasmid holdings of the Chlamydomonas Genetics Center, plus many new
references, address corrections, sequence citations, and other

The World Wide Web version will probably not appear in its revised version
for a day or two.  However, if you're running the database on your own
workstation or Macintosh, you can read in the update file now.  Here's how:

For the database on a UNIX workstation, ftp to probe.nalusda.gov in the
pub/chlamydb directory, and get the file Update2.ace.  With "write access"
enabled, select "read .ace file", open this file, and "read all".  Check
the documentation that you got when you installed the database for more
details on how to do this.

For the Mac database, ftp to ftp.duke.edu in the pub/chlamy directory and
open the Mac Update directory.  Get the files Update1.ace and
Update.readme.  The latter file will tell you how to read in the former.


If you haven't installed the database yet, but would like to, read on:


The UNIX version runs on the following workstations:

   Sun Microsystems SPARCstation (any model using OpenWindows or

   Digital Equipment Alpha (any model using Motif or DECwindows)

   Silicon Graphics IRIS

   Other types of Unix workstations, using the X11 libraries and the GNU
gcc compiler to build the software from the source code.

The necessary files can be obtained by ftp to


log on as ANONYMOUS, using your e-mail address as password, and go to
the pub/chlamy directory.

First get the text file


This file will tell you which additional files you will need for
installation on your system and will tell you how to go about it.

You'll need to install the entire database and then read in the Update2.ace
file as above.


The Mac version runs on 68030 (probably slow), 68040 or PowerMac computers.
There are three versions of the program: MacAce.68k for Macintosh 68030
and 68040 (Quadra) computers; MacAce.ppc for Power Macintoshes; and a
combined version, MacAce.fat. The authors recommend using the latter if
space is not at a premium.  I'm running the Power Mac version myself, and
it works fine.

Get the file MacChlamy by ftp from ftp.duke.edu.

The new version is self-extracting, and will create its own folder on your
hard disk.  When unstuffed, the program plus database occupies about 13 mb,
and it
requires a minimum of 16 mb RAM to run.  Thus you'll need a high-end Mac to
make it work.

This version incorporates the latest update.  You do NOT need to read in
Update1.ace if you install the whole program from the beginning.

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

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