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Call-for-Participation - - AE'97 : First International Conference on Semigroups & Algebraic Engineering - Japan

Chrystopher Nehaniv nehaniv at pross43.u-aizu.ac.jp
Mon Mar 17 00:30:10 EST 1997

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Call-for-Participation - - AE'97 : First International Conference on Semigroups &amp; Algebraic Engineering - Japan </TITLE>
<!BODY background="ae1.gif">
<BODY bgcolor=eaeaea>
<B>Call for Participation</B>
                First International Conference on<BR>
          Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Japan <BR>
                      March  24-28, 1997<BR>
<!IMG SRC="ae1_orig.gif" width=500>
  Applications of Semigroups,  
       Automata and Complexity Theory to<BR>Hierarchical Systems, 
       Rigorous Metaphors for Understanding, <BR> 
       Natural / Evolutionary Dynamical Systems,
           and the Computational Sciences  
<h3>Invited Plenary Speakers:</h3>
<A HREF="http://www-cse.ucsd.edu/users/goguen/">Joseph Goguen</A> (<A HREF="http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/">San Diego</A>), 
John L. Rhodes (Berkeley), 
Alexander A. Letichevsky (Kyiv),
<A HREF="http://maveric.uwaterloo.ca/~brzozo"><BR>J.A. Brzozowski</A> (Waterloo),
Masami Ito (Kyoto),
<A HREF="http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/brochure/HW/victor.html">Victor Varshavsky</A> (Aizu),
<!A HREF="">Karsten Henckell<!/A> (New College),
<A HREF="http://peaplant.biology.yale.edu:8001/Gunter.html">G.P. Wagner</A> (Yale), 
<A HREF="http://www.fc.up.pt/cmup/home/jalmeida/">Jorge Almeida</A>
 (<A HREF="http://www.up.pt/">Porto</A>),<BR> 
Mikhail Volkov (Ekaterinburg),
Kosaburo Hashiguchi (Okayama),
Zolt&aacuten &Eacutesik (Szeged)

<H3>Semigroups &amp; Algebraic Engineering</h3>
Algebraic Engineering seeks to bridge 
theoretical knowledge from the mathematics of
semigroups, automata, and formal languages
with applications in the natural and
design sciences, including those of computation and control. 
Hierarchies --- whether obtain by system synthesis, 
decomposition algorithms, evolution, or used in understanding a system --- 
offer rich areas for scientific 
study and application.  Of particular interest are connections between
algebraic and computational approaches to biological and dynamical systems.
Physical and abstract dynamical systems may be regarded as transformation semigroup structures. 
This realization leads to Algebraic Engineering and toward powerful applications of
automata theory and algebra to computer science, as well as to electrical engineering, 
metabolic and evolutionary biochemistry, finite-state physics, conservation
laws, biological systems, cognitive science, epistemology, game theory, and coding theory.
Algebraic Engineering  approaches promote new insight for the understanding
of complex, hierarchical structures including models of time, and models 
of understanding, rigorous treatments of metaphorical computing,
as well as the partial automation of object-oriented design, applications
to knowledge representation, software engineering, evolution, and the
decomposition of systems. 
The algebraic theories of semigroups, automata and formal languages have
grown considerably in the last decade, mutually benefitting from
their interactions, and represent vast, still largely untapped, resources for
engineers and scientists.   
This international conference is designed  to bring together
people working on semigroup theory, automata and languages, 
with those working in areas of computer science where these tools
may have great impact,  as well as with researchers in the natural sciences
and engineering making creative use of algebraic viewpoints.
<!% as well as with researchers in the humanities w
%ho can provide philosophical insight into the modeling of u
%nderstanding and analysis of complex systems.
<!The links  between these  areas  of research are to be deepened.
%There is a formal structure (mathematical, in particular, algebraic)
%to the way that we human beings understand things and processes in the
%world around us.   Although we are largely unaware of the mechanisms 
%our minds use to model the world, in effectively applying computers to the
%problems of our world,  we now have a clear need to formalize the
%notion of understanding. 
We have solicited submissions of papers involving rigorous mathematical
work related to Algebraic Engineering, and/or the application
of algebra in all areas of science and engineering.  
There will be fourteen invited plenary and special lectures of one hour, tutorials, and 
limited space for accepted presentations of 
approximately 25 minutes.  There will also be a small social program introducing
participants to traditional Japanese history/culture of the Aizu area. 
<B>Scope of the conference includes (but is not limited to)
<LI> Algebras of Time and Delay in Computation
<LI> Algebraic Engineering of Computer Software
<LI> Discrete Dynamical Systems
<LI> Algebra of Biological Transformation 
<LI> Algebra &amp; Object-Orientation
<LI> Automated Hierarchical Decomposition
<LI> Mathematics of Evolutionary Systems
<!LI Evolution of Hierarchies>
<LI> Hierarchical Models 
<LI> Algebraic Models of Knowledge &amp; Understanding
<LI> Analogy and Metaphor as Morphisms
<LI> Applications to Logical Design
<LI> Self-Maintaining &amp; Self-Replicating Systems
<LI> Autopoeisis &amp; Algebra
<!LI Models of Growth &amp; Development>
<LI> Applications of Automata Theory to Natural Sciences
<LI> Hierarchical Design, Reusability &amp; Maintenance
<LI> Cascades,  Wreath Products, &amp; Coverings of Transformation Semigroups 
<LI> Applications of Semigroups &amp; Monoids 
<LI> Monoids &amp; Groups Acting on Trees
<LI> Algebraic Aspects of Complexity
<LI> Synthesis &amp; Decomposition of Systems via Algebra
<LI> Morphisms, Emulation &amp; Relations of Automata
<LI> Software Tools for Semigroups &amp; Algebraic Engineering
<LI> Algebra of Communicating Processes 
<LI> Algebraic Aspects of Software Engineering
<LI> Algebraic Automata Theory
<LI> Classical and Global Semigroup Theory
<LI> Formal Languages 
<LI> Algebraic Coding Theory
<LI> Krohn-Rhodes Theory &amp; Applications
<B>Conference Proceedings &amp; Publications:</B><BR>
Refereed extended abstracts will be compiled and be available at the conference 
in a booklet published by the University of Aizu.
After the conference, a proceedings volume consisting of full papers will be published 
under an international review board 
with World Scientific Press.
Selected papers of appropriate content will appear in a  special issue of the
journal <em>Theoretical Computer Science</em>.

For further information, conference program and registration,
please  follow the URL at the bottom of this page or contact:
<A Href="http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/brochure/SW/nehaniv.html">Prof. C. Nehaniv</A> <BR>
Program Chair<BR>
Semigroups &amp;  Algebraic Engineering (AE'97)<BR>
University of Aizu<BR>
Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Pref.<BR>
965-80  JAPAN<BR>
E-mail:<tt><A href="mailto:ae97 at u-aizu.ac.jp">AE97 at u-aizu.ac.jp</A></tt><BR>
<h2>Program Committee</H2>

<h3>Program Chair</h3> 
<LI><A HREF="http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/brochure/SW/nehaniv.html">C.L. Nehaniv</A>, Japan

<h3>Program Committee Members</h3>

<LI> <A HREF="http://www.fc.up.pt/cmup/home/jalmeida/">J. Almeida</A>, Portugal
<LI><A HREF="http://radon.mat.univie.ac.at/People/KarlAuinger.html">K. Auinger</A>, Austria
<LI>M.A.M. Capretz, Japan
<LI>G. Ciobanu, Romania 
<LI> C. DeFelice, Italy
<LI>P. D&ouml;m&ouml;si, Hungary
<LI><A HREF="http://www.botik.ru/~duzhin/duzhin.html">S.V. Duzhin</A>, Russia  
<LI><!A HREF="http://www.sar.usf.edu/new_college/faculty/Karsten_Henckell.html">K. Henckell<!/A>, U.S.A.
<LI>M. Ito, Japan 
<LI>M. Katsura, Japan
<LI><A HREF="http://www-ee.stanford.edu/compsci/faculty/Koza_John.html">J.R. Koza</A>, U.S.A.
<LI><A HREF="http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/brochure/SW/kunii.html">T.L. Kunii</A>, Japan
<LI>A. Letichevsky, Ukraine
<LI><A HREF="http://ccis.unl.edu/~stu/vitae.html">S. Margolis</A>, Israel
<!LI J. McCammond, U.S.A.>
<LI> G. Pirillo, France
<LI><A HREF="http://www.hip.atr.co.jp/~ray">T.S. Ray</A>, Japan
<LI><A HREF="http://ptmat.lmc.fc.ul.pt/matematica/docentes/prof-aux/hmes.html">H. Sezinando</A>, Portugal
<LI><A HREF="http://lslwww.epfl.ch/Staff/MS/local.html">M. Sipper</A>, Switzerland
<LI><A HREF="http://www.maths.utas.edu.au/People/Trotter/HomePage.html">P. Trotter</A>, Australia
<LI>M. Volkov, Russia
Last Update: March 11, 1996

WWW: <A HREF="http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/AE97/">http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/AE97/</A>



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