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Edgar Wingender ewi at GBF-Braunschweig.DE
Sat Mar 1 00:37:46 EST 1997

The new release 3.1 of the TRANSFAC database is now available at the foll=
owing WWW=20


(Wingender et al., 1997, Nucleic Acids Res. 25:265-268).=20

TRANSFAC is a database on eukaryotic transcription factors and their bind=
ing sites.=20
As new features, it now includes the complete amino acid sequences of the=
transcription factors (FACTOR table) and links to the Eukaryotic Promoter=
(EPD) in its SITE table. Moreover, the data volume has increased comprisi=
ng now=20
2080 FACTOR and 4362 SITE entries.

As a new search option, you may retrieve factors by their molecular weigh=
Moreover, you will find a SRS5 version which offers additional retrieval =
for the TRANSFAC tables, for EMBL, SwissProt, PIR, =85 (for this, we give=
 credit to=20
Thure Etzold, EBI, Hinxton).

As for release 3.0, there are also extensive links with TRRD (Transcripti=
Regulatory Regio Database) and COMPEL (Composite Elements Database), main=
tained at=20
the Institute of Cytology and Genetics (ICG, Novosibirsk, Russia: N. A.=20
Kolchanov/A. Kel et al.).

The sequence information contained in the SITE table is used by PatternSe=
arch 1.0=20
for interactive sequence scanning for potential TF binding sites.

An updated library of matrices for transcription factor binding sites wil=
l be=20
provided very soon which can be used for sequence analysis with MatInspec=
release 2.0 (Quandt et al., 1995, Nucleic Acids Res. 23:4878-4884).=20
This tool is available at=20
or at
(Thomas Werner and coworkers).

Please, forward this mail to your colleagues which may be interested in u=
sing these=20

On behalf of the TRANSFAC team:
Edgar Wingender
Thomas Heinemeyer

GBF - Braunschweig, February 28, 1997


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Molecular Bioinformatics of Gene Regulation
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