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MitoProt II, a software for predicting mitochondrial proteins

Manuel G. Claros claros at orgiva.cica.es
Wed Dec 18 23:45:28 EST 1996

A new software for PREDICTING mitochondrial proteins and their targeting
sequence is available. It is also able to predict chloroplast proteins
but is less accurate.

Application      MitoProt II
Update           October 1996
Version          1.beta
Description      It supplies a series of parameters that permit=20
                   theoretical evaluation on mitochondrial targeting=20
                   sequences and the importability.=20
                   Finally, it provides the possibility to predict=20
                   mitochondrial proteins harbouring targeting=20
                   Chloroplast proteins also can be studied.
Authors          Mac version -> Manuel G. Claros (claros at uma.es)
                 UNIX version -> Pierre Vincens (vincens at biologie.ens.fr)
Literature       Claros &  Vincens, 1996, Eur J. Biochem. 241, 779-786

Notes            1- MitoProt II is available as a "basic"=20
                    application, or as a "rapid" one. The rapid one=20
                    needs 68020 processor, or later, and FPU. Both=20
                    need system 6.0.2 or later. Older system versions have
                    not been assayed, but perhaps do work well too.
                 2- A version for unix machines is also available without
                    using the graphic cabapilities of the mac version.
                 3- A mail server is available to test a protein sending a
                    message with the sequence to mitoprot at biologie.ens.fr

MitoProt II has been designed for Macintosh computers, using=20
THINK Pascal 4.0.2. For UNIX machines it has been designed in
ADA95 using the GNat compiler.

Although we have done our best to ensure that these softwares are error=20
free, we are not responsible for any misfortune you may suffer whatsoever=
caused through the use of MitoProt, be they incidental, consequential or=20
otherwise. So, MitoProt is supplied =B3as is=B2: it comes without any=20
warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind, including fitness for=20
purpose and merchantibility. You may find some bugs too, or things=20
lacking which should be included. If you have comments, we would like to=20
know them, but weI do not guarantee to be able to fix them. You can
distribute the software freely

Permission is hereby granted to anyone to redistribute MitoProt under
the "MitoProt" name. We do not grant permission for the resale of
but we do grant permission for vendors to bundle MitoProt free with other=
software, or to charge a reasonable price for redistribution, provided=20
it is made clear that MitoProt is free of charge.=20

Manuel G. CLAROS                           claros at orgiva.cica.es
Investigador Contratado                    claros at uma.es
Bioquimica & Biologia Molecular
Facultad de Ciencias                     =20
Universidad de Malaga (Spain)              34-5-213 2000 (fax)

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