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Conference on Pathology and Nutrition in Aquaculture

Adriana Goic B. S_AGOIC at fundch.fundch.cl
Sun Jul 31 17:21:46 EST 1994

                           DEVELOPMENT OF AQUACULTURE"
                               FACTORS FOR SUCCESS
                       Puerto Montt, October 3 to 7, 1994


                 Chemotherapeutic aspects
                 Control and diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases in
                       salmon farming
                 Applied toxicology
                 Pigmentation: efforts to improve pigment retention,
                       alternative sources of carotenoids, pertinent
                       legislation in importing countries
                 Attributes of fishmeal and fish oil as feed ingredients
                       for aquaculture
                 Nutrients and additives required by salmon: myths and
                 Salmon feeding and protecting the environment
                 Technologies in salmon feed manufacturing 

Drs. Albert Tacon, Paul Bowser, John Rohovec, Robert Olson, D.J.
Alderman, Michael Kent, Ron Hardy, Ian Pike, Santosh Lall,and S. Kaushik
have been invited to discuss the topics mentioned above.  These
presentations will be 60-75 minutes long, followed by 15 minutes for
questions and comments.

Technical papers will also be received for 15 minute presentations or in
posters that will be shown in a special room and will be open to
discussion in a plenary session.

Presentations will be in Spanish or English, with simultaneous

Registration and questions:
                 Dr. Patricio Bustos (telephone-fax 63 2060 Castro)
                 Mr. Emilio Castro (telephone:56-2 2185211, fax: 56-2
                 2426900, Santiago)
                 Mr. Eugenio Larrain (telephone: 255588 ; fax 257433,
                 Puerto Montt).
                 Dr. Juan Jose Romero (e-mail: jjromero at fundch.fundch.cl)

Stands for displaying products, equipment and services of interest to
people associated with the area will be available to interested

A two day technical tour will be held after the Seminar to growing
centers, feed plants and laboratories (icthyopathology, nutrition and
quality certification) in Chiloe and Puerto Montt.


Sunday 2
18:00      Registration, Conference Hall, Provincial Governement Building.

Monday 3
07:30      Registration
09:00      Inauguration
10:00      Salmon feeding and improvement of the environment.
           S.J.Kaushik, INRA, France
11:15      Coffee
11:30      Nutrients and additives recommended in salmon feeding: myths
           and realities.
           S.L.Lall, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada
12:45      Lunch (free).
14:45      Quality indicators for fishmeals for aquacultural feeding.
           M.Galleguillos and D.Romo, Fundacion Chile
16:00      Coffee.
16:15      Nutritional attributes of fish meal and oil as ingredients for
           aquacultural feeds.
           I.H.Pike, IFOMA, UK

Tuesday 4 
09:00      Reconciling optimum production of salmonids with consumer's
           quality criteria.
           R.Hole, TrouwSuralim, Chile
10:00      Salmon pigmentation: efforts to improve retention, alternative
           sources, pertinent legislation in importing countries.
           R.Hardy, Natl. Marine Fisheries Services, USA and E.Castro,
11:15      Coffee.
11:30      Presentation of contributed papers.
12:45      Lunch (free).
14:45      Presentation of contributed papers.
16:00      Coffee.
16:15      Presentation of contributed papers.

Wednesday 5
09:00      Gill disease: diagnostic consequences and their interaction
           with feeding practices.
           H.W.Fergusson, U. of Guelph, Canada
11:15      Coffee.
11:30      General overview of important diseases to net-pen farming in
           British Columbia.
           M.L.Kent, Dept. of  Fisheries and Oceans, Canada
12:45      Lunch (free).
14:45      Advances in diagnosis and control of virosis in salmonids:
           molecular techniques and antiviral substances.
           Ana Maria Sandino, Universidad de Chile
16:00      Coffee.
16:15      Salmon diseases caused by microsporidium and myxosporidium.
           Marine fish parasites of public health concern and of potential
           transmission to salmonids.
           R.E.Olson, Oregon State University, USA.
17:30      Pathology, transmission and treatment of Loma Salmonae a
           microsporidium of pen-reared salmon.
           M.L.Kent, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.

Thursday 6 
09:00      Toxicopathic hepatic megalocytosis. Hexamiythiasis in seawater
           pen-reared salmonids.
           M.L.Kent, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.
10:00      Characteristics of the drugs most commmonly used in
           aquaculture: quinolones, tetracyclines, erythromycin, sulfas,
           organophosphates, chloramines, malachite green and formalin.
           D.J.Alderman, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, UK.
11:15      Coffee.
11:30      First isolation in Chile of Flexibacter psychrophilus,
           causative agent of RTFS (FMS).
           Screening of B.K.D. in coho salmon: past experiences and
           present status.
           Vertical transmission of S.R.S. in coho salmon in Chile.
           Patricio Bustos, Fundacion Chile
12:45      Lunch (free).
14:45      Cardiomyopathy Syndrome, Pancreas disease and the differential
           diagnosis of liver diseases.
           H.W. Fergusson, U. of Guelph, Canada.
16:00      Coffee.
16:15      A comparison of the different techniques used for B.K.D.
           diagnosis in coho salmon.
           Evaluation of IFAT and ELISA for the diagnosis of B.K.D. in
           Salmo salar broodstock and its progeny.
           Patricio Bustos, Fundacion Chile
16:50      Bacterial hemorrhagic enteritis (B.H.E.): a new pathology
           observed in Atlantic salmon in Chile.
           Ricardo Inostroza, Marine Harvest, Chile.
17:10      Present situation of salmonid rickettsial septicemia (S.R.S.)
           in salmon cultivation in Chile.
           Jorge Cassigoli, Chilean Salmon Growers Association.

Friday 7
09:00      Nutritional pathologies caused by deteriorated lipids:
           malabsorption syndrome.
           A.J.Tacon, F.A.O., Italy.
10:00      A revision of drugs used in aquaculture: present and future
           legislation, accepted drugs, residue tolerances. Attitude of
           the E.E.C. (differences among member countries), USA, Canada
           and Japan.
           D.J.Aldermann, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, UK
11:15      Coffee.
11:30      Proliferative kidney disease (PKD), present situation, forms of
           transmission and diagnosis.
           Efficacy and toxicity of oral "Ivermectin"in the treatment of
           Lepeoptherius salmonis (sea lice).
           M.L.Kent, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.
12:45      Lunch (free).
14:45      Sanitary regulations concerning the introduction of
           hydrobiological species into Chile, with emphasis on salmonids.
           Undersecretariat of Fisheries
16:00      Coffee.
16:15      Development of resistance to chemotherapeutical drugs. Residues
           and withdrawal periods for antibiotics. Problems associated
           with application routes and matrixes used.
           Chemotherapeutics used in aquaculture: standards used to
           evaluate their discharge and environmental impact.
           D.J.Aldermann, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, UK
17:45      Conclusions and Round Table.


                              ABSTRACTS AND PAPERS

The presentation of research papers is invited, abstracts to be submitted
before September 10, attn. Mr. Emilio Castro, P.O.Box 773, fax 56 2
2426900 (form is attached). Abstracts accepted by the Tecnical Committee
will be presented orally, each speaker being assigned 15 minutes and they
will be published in the "Abstracts Booklet" to be distributed during

Authors will be informed of acceptance/rejection before Sept. 15. Ideally
presentation should also be sent on a WordPerfect, WordStar or
Cannonwriter diskette.



Prices of hotels conveniently located with respect to the symposium site
are indicated:

Hotel                                Pesos             US$
---------------                 ---------------     --------
Club Presidente        Suite:   $23.400-35.000        54-81
                       Suites with kitchenette,  Incl. breakfast

Don Luis               Single:      $22.360            52
                       Double:      $25.370            59
                       Triple:      $31.390            73
                       Suite:       $40.850            95
                       Incl. breakfast

O'Grimm                Single:      $23.000            53
                       Double:      $27.000            63
                       Triple:      $29.000            67
                       Suite:       $38.100            89

Raysan                 Single:      $11.000            26
                       Double:      $14.000            33
                       Triple:      $17.370            40
                       4 beds:      $21.950            51
                       Suite:       $20.760

VientoSur              Single:      $18.220            42
                       Double:      $21.200            49
                       Triple:      $26.700            62

V. Perez Rosales       Single:      $19.000            44
                       Double:      $21.860            51
                       Triple:      $27.700            64

Above values do not include 18% IVA, a tax from which foreign visitors
will be exempted provided payment is made in cash or with travellers
checks.  In order to guarantee reservation, hotels require pre-payment of
first night.

Puerto Montt is located 900 klm south of Santiago. There are nightly
buses with couches at approximately U$ 45 and several 80 minutes flights
at approximately U$ 90. Reservations will be made if pre-paid
sufficiently in advance.

At the conclusion of the Conference, during the weekend of October 8 and
9 a technical tour to salmon farms in the Chiloe island will be
organized. From Puerto Montt it takes approximately 3 hours by bus to
reach the salmon locations. Cost per person, including transport, hotel
and meals is estimated not to exceed U$ 200.


Registration and reservations form

                           DEVELOPMENT OF AQUACULTURE"

                        Puerto Montt, 3 to 7 October 1994

Name             :
Institution      :
Address          :
Phone            :
Fax              :
Country          :

The registration of $250.000 (U$580) per person, covers participation in
the scientific meetings, the Conference documents and attendance at the
gala dinner. Registrations paid before  August 15 will have a reduced
price of $200.000 (U$465).

Payments can be made in Chilean pesos or US dollars, by check payable to
Fundacion Chile, sent to any of the following addresses:

Mr. P. Bustos, Sotomayor 576, Castro, phone/fax 56-065-632060
Mr. E. Castro, Cas. 773, Santiago, phone 56  22185211, fax: 2426900
Mr. E. Larrain, Panamericana Sur 581, Puerto Montt, phone 56-065-255588,
fax 257433

     -  Enclosed check for $................ in payment of:

     -  I authorize charge for $.......... on my credit card
        N§.................................., with expiration

Registration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$

Reservation for transport to Puerto Montt   - Bus  - Air. . . . . . . . .$

Hotel reservation................. - Single  - Double  - Other. . . . . .$

                                                              Total . . .$


     -  I am interested in participating in the technical tour.

Adriana Goic B.                                    Fundacion Chile
s_agoic at fundch.fundch.cl                           Santiago, Chile

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