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CALL FOR VOTES: EMF-BIO/bionet.emf-bio

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Tue Jul 5 19:09:57 EST 1994

This is the second and final call for votes on the following proposal
to create the mailing list & newsgroup EMF-BIO/bionet.emf-bio.  No
comments were raised during the discussion period and the proposal
below was not modified as a result.

This announcement marks the end of the six month "prototype newsgroup"
period for the EMF-BIO group at net.bio.net.  Either the group now
moves on through the voting process to full newsgroup status, i.e., a
USENET newsgroup in addition to a mailing list, or else it will be
shut down.  This message will also be posted to the emf-bio list.

*** NOTE *** We are currently running several votes for other
newsgroups, so please be certain to follow the voting directions
*carefully*!  If you just send in a message saying "YES" or "NO" it
will not be counted if it is not clear which proposal you are
responding to.

Proposal to establish EMF-BIO/bionet.emf-bio

Proposed USENET name: bionet.emf-bio

Proposed Mailing list name: EMF-BIO

Proposed e-mail addresses: emf-bio at net.bio.net
                           emf-bio at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion Leader:         Allan H. Frey
			   Potomac, MD
			   afrey at uunet.uu.net

The purpose of the Newsgroup is to provide a means of easy 
communication among people doing research in or interested 
in electromagnetic field interactions with biological systems.
It also provides the general biological community with a
window into a field which has broad implications for biology.

The Newsgroup is primarily for discussions among bioscientists.
Lay people interested in hazards should contact the appropriate
groups for such information such as the National EMR 
Alliance (212-554-4073).  Those interested in arguing about
hazards, which is a policy issue, have other forums where 
discussions of policy issues are appropriate.
The Newsgroup can be used for discussion of books, articles
and methods.  Users can pose questions on techniques to be 
used in experiments and seek solutions for problems they have 
encountered in experiments.  A preprint of a paper can be 
posted for comment before sending it in for publication or
starting the next experiment.  Theories can be debated and 
the validity of experiments can be discussed.  Important new 
findings can be announced. Journal editors can post abstracts 
of papers accepted for publication and society newsletters can 
be distributed.  Announcements of funding for new programs 
and jobs can be posted.

The newsgroup is expected to run unmoderated and will continue to as
long as the postings concern bioscience research.  I am willing to act
as the coordinator.

Allan H. Frey (afrey at uunet.uu.net)

Voting is open on the proposal for EMF-BIO/bionet.emf-bio and will run
through 24:00 hrs Pacific Time on 26 July 1994.  Please send your vote
to either of the following addresses:

Address                               Location        Network
-------                               --------        -------
biovote at daresbury.ac.uk               U.K.            JANET
biovote at net.bio.net                   U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET

NAME MAY BE AMBIGUOUS.  Your vote should contain a single line:


if you favor allowing the creation of this newsgroup or


if you think that this proposal will adversely affect the
BIOSCI/bionet system.  While not intended to be an exhaustive list of
possible concerns (more specific concerns may have been raised during
the discussion period on BIOFORUM/bionet.general and interested
readers are referred to these), some general reasons for voting NO
might be if you are concerned about newsgroup proliferation and/or
believe that the proposed group will not be utilized, or if you think
that the proposed newsgroup would substantially duplicate or overlap
with the function of existing newsgroups.  If you are simply not
interested in participating in the newsgroup above, please don't cast
a NO vote, but instead just don't vote at all.

The newsgroup proposal must receive at least 80 YES votes to pass and
the number of YES votes must be greater than the number of NO votes by
at least 40.  Discussion of the newsgroup proposal is now closed and
we strongly discourage posting any messages in other forums about the
fact that a CALL FOR VOTES has been issued.  This message will also be
posted to the existing EMF-BIO prototype newsgroup.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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