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Roll your own hotlist ( A Summer challenge )

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Tue Jul 5 19:43:13 EST 1994

Hello World, competition time.

It's silly season once again. You know, long hot summer days and what not.
So here is the deal. I would like to make up a "roll your own hotlist"
of WWW sites, and need the great unwashed masses to participate. That means


Everybody loves a list. David Letterman makes lists. They are very
popular. Keith Robison does a great job of making a complete list of URL's
in Biology. Must be hard work keeping it up to date. Individuals have
their own WWW hotlists. The longer a list gets the more difficult
to find what you want. I have had this idea that what we need is not
a "complete" list, but a "best" list, but the problem is who decides
what are the best WWW sites. Everybody has their own favourite site.
Usually we let the guru's decide where we should go, and what we should
do. Time for a change. Time for you to have your say... be it good or bad.

So why not let the user comunity decide what is useful and what is not. 
A sort of "Bio top 50". Lets users add URL's that are KOOL, let them
delete them if they think they are boring. I think it would be interesting
to see what kind of "top 50's" would get built up. I like the idea of
a dynamic list where the users themselves determine what is on the list.
Such a list would provide feedback as to what end users like to use, and 
what they want to see from a WWW site. 

Of course there is the danger that some person might add their URL
and another person deletes it. We all love our own way of doing things
and are not very tolerant if somebody does it differently;-)
If a URL is always being removed then what does it signify?
Basically the users don't like the interface or the content.
Or the network connectivity leaves something to be desired.
Hopefully after a period of time the "top 50" will stabilise
and we as biologists will have an idea of what sites and what
layouts appeal to the user community at large. Democracy, I love it.

That is the idea. It might not work... but never the less give it a try.
You can anonymously add, delete, or goto different URL's by connecting to
the following Url's

For the SERIOUS biologist

For the biologist at PLAY

Note the non-standard port at 81. The inteface is tested and works with mosaic.
Bombs out with Lynx (Lynx has troubles with POST) and Macweb (Macweb has
troubles with FORMS). Works halfway with Windows Mosaic. Feedback welcome
at the bottom of the FORM.

Rob "blame it on the heat and the World Cup" Harper

 R. Andrew Harper                  E-mail:          harper at convex.csc.fi    
 Center for Scientific Computing   Molbio/software: harper at nic.funet.fi
 Tietotie 6, P.O. Box 405          Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
 SF-02101 Espoo Finland            Fax:             +358 0 457 2302

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