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Who are BIOSCI readers?? Address database entries surpass 2000!

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Sat Oct 30 02:32:07 EST 1993

Contrary to the predictions of detractors of electronic newsgroups
(are there any still?? 8-), the BIOSCI network is not merely a cabal
of undergraduate computer hackers with no "serious work" to do 8-).

As of this evening, there are 2054 entries in the BIOSCI user address
database.  Here are some interesting stats obtained by doing
case-insensitive greps on the job title: line.  Note that grep finds
exact matches to the strings below so some smaller strings may incl
larger ones, i.e., the count for "professor" will include lines that
say "associate professor."  Interestingly, slightly more than 20% of
the people in the BIOSCI database have the word "professor" in their
job title; there are also a few chairmen, directors, vice presidents,
and presidents.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net

job title contains the text		# of entries
---------------------------             ------------
professor				444
prof					489
assistant professor			153
assist. prof				4
associate prof				133
assoc. prof				19
director				39
president				9
chairman				6
student					330
undergrad				4
grad student				20
graduate student			176
postdoc					89
post-doc				56
post doc				17
research assistant			74
teaching assistant			1
research associate			100
senior scientist			17
research scientist			54
technician				18
staff					29
manager					30

The job title: line was blank on only 61 of the of the 2054 entries.



Please take this opportunity to add your name and address information
to the BIOSCI User Address Database if you have not already done so.

Below is the address form that we would like each reader of the
BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups to complete and return if you would like to
be listed in our database.  The database serves as a directory that
enables biologists, who are currently using (or even just reading) the
BIOSCI newsgroups, to look up e-mail addresses and other information
about our users.

The address database is reindexed nightly for WAIS and waismail access
(waismail is our WAIS e-mail server, more below) and will also be
available for access via other gopher sites if they wish to permit it.
The raw unindexed data is available for FTP from net.bio.net and is
atomized sufficiently to allow import into your local RDBMS should you
so desire.

Please carefully follow the instructions for completing the form
below and return it to either of the following two addresses
(whichever is more convenient for you).  Thanks in advance for taking
the time to complete and return the form.

Addresses for returning forms         Location        Network
-----------------------------         --------        -------
biovote at net.bio.net                   U.S.A.          Internet/BITNET
biovote at daresbury.ac.uk               U.K.            JANET


This notice will be mailed bimonthly to each newsgroup.  You should
check our WAIS source or waismail e-mail server from time-to-time to
see if your address information is still up-to-date.  Send the message


to waismail at net.bio.net for instructions on using waismail.  Leave the
Subject: line in your message blank.

		  Using Gopher to complete the form

If you don't want to use a text editor, you can also use Dan
Jacobson's gopher site to fill out the address database form as
follows.  Otherwise skip this section on gopher and proceed to the
instructions for filling out the form below.

> To add yourself to the database just point your
> gopher client at merlot.gdb.org and select the following:
> -->  15. Searching For Biologists/
>  -->  9.  E-mail Addresses of Biosci-Bionet Users/
>   -->  1.  Add (or Correct) Your Address to the BIOSCI User Address
> Data..
> And fill out the form.

or Rob Harper's gopher site in Europe as follows:

> Europeans can point their gopher client at gopher.csc.fi and add their
> information to the database. All entries will be mailed directly to
> Dave for incorporation in a wais source.
> The path to the questionare is as follows.
>    ---> 10. Finnish EMBnet BioBox/
>         ---> 8.  FAQ Files/
>                               FAQ Files
>       1.  EMBnet: Information.
>       2.  EMBnet: Internet resources guide.
>       3.  A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources/
>       4.  All FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Searches and Archives/
>   --->5.  Bionauts Address Database (questionaire) <TEL>


Please enter all responses after the : on each line, leaving one (1)
blank space after the : (i.e., before the start of your text).

Please do NOT extend your responses past the end of each line (80
characters) or alter any of the field identifiers such as "first name: ". 
Several lines are provided at the end of the form for comments, but,
please adhere to the line length restriction.

On the date: line, please enter the date in the DD-MM-YY format, e.g.,
05-05-93 for 5 May 1993.  This line will tell others when the
information was last updated.  Please be sure to include the 0's for
single digit days or months, e.g., 05-05-93, not 5-5-93.

Note that the "e-mail network: " line below is for specifying, e.g.,
"Internet," "BITNET," "EARN," "JANET," or whatever other network that
your computer may be on.

If you are uncertain about any field, please feel free to leave it
blank, but please DO NOT DELETE the field identifier from the form!

In the first field below, "New information or Update ...", please
enter "N" if this is the first time that you have registered in the
directory or "U" if you are correcting a listing that you sent to us

The comment: lines may be used for anything that you like but PLEASE
to list the names of the newsgroups in which you participate.  Please
use the MAILING LIST name (see below - the latest version of the list
can be requested from biosci at net.bio.net) instead of the USENET name
even if you don't participate by e-mail.  WAIS might get confused by
the periods in the USENET names.  This allows one to retrieve via WAIS
or waismail the list of participants in a particular group.

For example:


On the comment: lines
use these names below ---- NOT the USENET names below

MAILING LIST NAME          USENET Newsgroup Name
-----------------          ---------------------
ACEDB-SOFT                 bionet.software.acedb
AGEING                     bionet.molbio.ageing
AGROFORESTRY               bionet.agroforestry
ARABIDOPSIS                bionet.genome.arabidopsis
BIOFORUM                   bionet.general
BIO-INFORMATION-THEORY     bionet.info-theory
BIONAUTS                   bionet.users.addresses
BIONEWS                    bionet.announce
BIO-JOURNALS               bionet.journals.contents
BIO-MATRIX                 bionet.molbio.bio-matrix
BIO-SOFTWARE               bionet.software
CHROMOSOMES                bionet.genome.chromosomes
COMPUTATIONAL-BIOLOGY      bionet.biology.computational
DROSOPHILA                 bionet.drosophila
EMBL-DATABANK              bionet.molbio.embldatabank
EMPLOYMENT                 bionet.jobs
GDB                        bionet.molbio.gdb
GENBANK-BB                 bionet.molbio.genbank
GENETIC-LINKAGE            bionet.molbio.gene-linkage
HIV-MOLECULAR-BIOLOGY      bionet.molbio.hiv
HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM       bionet.molbio.genome-program
IMMUNOLOGY                 bionet.immunology
INFO-GCG                   bionet.software.gcg
JOURNAL-NOTES              bionet.journals.note
METHODS-AND-REAGENTS       bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts
MOLECULAR-EVOLUTION        bionet.molbio.evolution
NEUROSCIENCE               bionet.neuroscience
N2-FIXATION                bionet.biology.n2-fixation
PHOTOSYNTHESIS             bionet.photosynthesis
PLANT-BIOLOGY              bionet.plants
POPULATION-BIOLOGY         bionet.population-bio
PROTEIN-ANALYSIS           bionet.molbio.proteins
PROTEIN-CRYSTALLOGRAPHY    bionet.xtallography
RAPD                       bionet.molbio.rapd
SCIENCE-RESOURCES          bionet.sci-resources
TROPICAL-BIOLOGY           bionet.biology.tropical
VIROLOGY                   bionet.virology
WOMEN-IN-BIOLOGY           bionet.women-in-bio
YEAST                      bionet.molbio.yeast

Listing newsgroups on the comment: line is optional, of course.

Thanks again for your cooperation!

--------------- please cut here and return portion below ---------------

New information or Update to old record (enter N or U): 
date (DD-MM-YY): 
first name: 
middle initial: 
family name: 
job title: 
e-mail address: 
e-mail network: 
phone number: 
FAX number: 
postal code: 
research interest: 
research interest: 

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