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Fast Access to Bio HyperText

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Thu Oct 28 10:16:45 EST 1993

In <robison1.751307177 at husc10> robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu 
(Keith Robison) writes:

>   To use it, edit out the mail headers, start up your WWW Browser 
>(such as NCSA Mosaic) and open this as a local file ("Open Local" under
>the "File" menu in XMosaic).  <P>

There is a better way than this... moving in the world. (10 points for
getting the song title.) 

Think about the possibility of reading Keith's E-mail from within
Xmosaic and having all the html links highlighted for you.
Think of reading about a new programme in a E-mail message and
actually having the ability to click on some highlighted text
and discover that from within the E-mail you were now connected
to the FTP site.

Here is what I tried. On my unix box I gave the command

setenv NNTPSERVER news2.funet.fi

which is my local Usenet news server... please use your own news server
if you want to experiment.

Now from inside Xmosaic you can call up open from the Navigate menu
and in the dialog box you simply write


and Hey Presto you can read the articles in the bionet.announce newsgroup
but the real wonder stuff is when you click on the item by Keith

"Fast Access to Bio HyperText " - Keith Robison

you then discover that all his text which is shot through with html
becomes beautifully formated with wonderous fonts and glory, glory,
gives you access from within E-mail to gophers and WWW servers.

Rob " I feel a BioBit coming on " Harper
 Rob Harper                        E-mail:          harper at convex.csc.fi    
 Center for Scientific Computing   Molbio/software: harper at nic.funet.fi
 Tietotie 6, P.O. Box 405          Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
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