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Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 22 11:26:17 EST 1993

<TITLE>Keith's Sampler</TITLE>
<H1>Molecular Biology WWW sampler</H1>
   This experimental Molecular Biology-WWW sampler was assembled by the
persons listed below.  It was put together to allow biologists quick
access to WWW services without searching through tons of HyperText.
Many information resources are now available via the WWW which are
superior to previous resources (such as gopher and WAIS).  Even better,
WWW encompasses links to gopher and WAIS and so you get the best of
both worlds! However, many biologists may be initially turned off by
the effort to find the resources they are interested in.  This file
should reduce that problem<P>
   To use it, edit out the mail headers, start up your WWW Browser 
(such as NCSA Mosaic) and open this as a local file ("Open Local" under
the "File" menu in XMosaic).  <P>
    Please feel free to make changes and tack your name onto the list! <P>

Keith Robison  Harvard Biolabs <P>

<H2>WWW Servers</H2> 

<a href="http://life.anu.edu.au/molbio.html/">Australian National University Molecular Biology</A><P>
<a href="http://moulon.inra.fr/">Moulon</A><P>
<a href="http://specter.dcrt.nih.gov:8004/">NIH GenoBase Server</A><P>
<a href="http://expasy.hcuge.ch/">University of Geneva</A><P>

<a href="gopher://ftp.bio.indiana.edu">IUBio Gopher</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.gdb.org">John's Hopkins Gopher</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.nih.gov/70/11/">NIH Gopher</A><P>

<H2>Selected Databases</H2>
<a href="http://moulon.inra.fr/acedb/acedb.html">ACeDB (C.elegans)</A><P>
<a href="http://moulon.inra.fr/acedb/mycdb.html">MycDB (Mycobacteria)</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.genethon.fr:70/11/Biblio/Journaux">Journal TOC</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.nih.gov:70/11/gopherlib/indices/genbank/index">GenBank (@NIH gopher)</A><P>
<a href="http://expasy.hcuge.ch/sprot/sprot-top.html">SwissProt HyperText</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.nih.gov:70/7mindex%3a/molbio/all.mindex">SwissProt+GenBank+PIR+PDB (@NIH gopher)</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.gdb.org:70/77/.INDEX/seqanalref">SeqAnalRef</A><P>
<a href="gopher://gopher.gdb.org:70/7waissrc%3a/Database-local/.wais/OMIM-Online-Mendelian-Inheritance-in-Man.src"</A><P>

<H2>WWW Info</H2>
<a href="http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/demoweb/html-primer.html">Beginner's Guide to HTML</A><P>
A document on how to create documents like this.

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