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Plant Genome II Program

Thu Oct 7 17:56:15 EST 1993


               (All speakers have accepted except 
        Browner & Mikulski as noted by "to be confirmed")

           Interim Program Schedule for PG-II Meeting

                     Plant Genome II (PG-II)

PG-II Co-Chairpersons:

               Stephen Heller, USDA/ARS, Beltsville, MD, USA
                    (SRHELLER at ASRR.ARS.USDA.GOV)

               Jerome Miksche, USDA/ARS, Beltsville, MD, USA
                    (JMIKSCHE at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

               Michael Gale,  John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
                    (JEFFERY at JII.ARFC.AC.UK)

               Kenji Takayanagi, University of Tsukuba, Japan
                    (KITAMURA at ABR.AFFRC.GO.JP)

           USDA, ARS                         USDA, NAL
             Rockefeller Foundation            ISPMB
                        John Innes Centre

Conference Organizer:       Scherago International


4 full days, January 24-27, 1994 (plus Sunday computer software
workshop on 1/23/94 and Wheat, Sugar Cane, and Pine Tree
workshops - before and after the main meeting)

     There will be 6 formal sessions, with 4-6 speakers each,
including a one hour plenary lecture every morning.  Each of the
other lectures will be 30 minutes (25 + 5 minutes for questions).

     In addition there will be one afternoon devoted to crop
species workshops.   One afternoon will be free for informal
discussions and tours of San Diego and local attractions will be
arranged for that "free" afternoon.

     All submitted or invited poster talks will be one page long,
using forms provided by PG-II.  Invited talks will also be one
page long and will use the same abstract forms.  (The resulting
abstract forms will be printed four to a page.  This is same as
was done for the PG-I abstracts.)  At the request of participants
at PG-I and other plant genome scientists additional copies of
the printed PG-II abstracts will be available at the meeting for
sale at $10 from Scherago International.

Location:      Town & Country Hotel
               500 Hotel Circle North
               San Diego, CA 92108

               Phone: 1-619-291-7131 
               FAX:   1-619-291-3584
          (15 minutes by taxi or Super Shuttle from the airport)

Cost:     $ 300 advance registration up to 1 December 1993
          $ 350 after 12/2/93 and on-site
          $ 100 Student (Pre-Ph.D) Registration
               (Requires a letter of certification from
                    department chairperson.)

     (All registrations include one copy of the conference
abstracts, Monday-Wednesday continental breakfasts, Monday
evening Wine & Cheese party, and Tuesday evening pool-side


     United Airlines is the official conference airline.  For
details on conference airfare discounts in the USA, please call
United Airlines at 1-800-633-8825. Outside the USA please call
your local United Airlines office.  The PG-II conference code is:

Coffee and Tea:  

     Coffee and tea will be available throughout the day, not
just at coffee break time.  In the afternoon sodas will also be
available.  Danish will be provided only during the official
coffee break times.


     For lunch and dinner conference participants can eat at the
hotel restaurants or at restaurants at the shopping center
adjacent to the hotel (to the north of the hotel).  A list of
major San Diego restaurants will also be provided.

Registration/Information Desk:  

     Scherago International will maintain an information desk and
registration desk (in the Town & Country Hotel Convention Center
lobby area) during the entire meeting.


     Messages for conference participants will be posted on a
message board adjacent to the entrance to the lecture hall.

Exhibit Hours:

     The exhibits will be opened during the following times:

Monday:     9:00 am - 12:30 pm &  1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Tuesday:    9:00 am -  1:00 pm &  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Wednesday:  9:00 am -  2:00 pm

     Please note that the exhibits will be closed at lunch hour
every day.

Spouse Program:  

     There will no spouse program.

     Tours of San Diego and the surrounding areas are being
arranged by the following company:

     Enjoy California Enterprises
     1094 Cudahy Place
     Suite 201
     San Diego, CA 92110-3930
     Phone: 619-275-3839
     FAX:   619-275-3954

     Prices for the tours vary on the length of the tour and the
exact nature of the tour.  All tours include admission fees and
lunch where applicable. The prices for tours range from about 
$ 18 to $ 60.


 1:00 pm -  5:00 pm  Computer Workshop: Genome Information Tools
                                   and Resources

     The workshop will provide a view o some of the existing
software used to maintain and analyze genomic information.  The
list of speakers are designed to give he average plant molecular
biologist an idea of what is available today and what they can do

                    Organizer - J. Michael Cherry, Stanford 
                              (CHERRY at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU)


                         a. Sam Cartinhour, NAL
                              (E-Mail: SCARTINHOUR at NALUSDA.GOV)

                         b. W. Gish, NCBI
                              (NCBI Network Services)
                              (E-Mail ???)

                         c. Otto Ritter, Heidelberg, Germany
                              (DOK261 at CVX12.DKFZ-HEIDELBERG.DE)

                         d. Stan Letovsky, Yale
                              (Metabolic Pathway Database)
                              (LETOVSKY-STAN at CS.YALE.EDU)
                         e. Jackie Salit, Cold Spring Harbor
                              (Genome Topographer)
                              (SALIT at CSHL.ORG)

                         f. Michael Cinkosky, Los Alamos
                              (SIGMA, Mapping Database Software)
                              (MICHAEL at GENOME.LANL.GOV)

                         g. Mike Cherry, Stanford
                              (CHERRY at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU)


                         a. Leland Ellis, Texas A&M
                              (Bovine, Cotton, and others)
                              (LELAND at STRAYLIGHT.TAMU.EDU)

                         b. Douglas Bigwood, NAL  
                              (Plant Genome Database)
                              (DBIGWOOD at NALUSDA.GOV)

 Noon    -  7:00 pm  Registration in the Town & Country Hotel 
                         Convention Center lobby area


 7:30 am -  5:00 pm  Registration in the Town & Country Hotel 
                         Convention Center lobby area

 7:30 am -  8:15 am  Coffee & Danish in the lobby area

 8:15 am -  8:30 am  Welcome - Stephen Heller, ARS
                              (SRHELLER at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

 8:30 am -  9:30 am  Plenary Lecture 
                         Chairperson: Jerry Miksche, ARS
                              (JMIKSCHE at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

                         a. Carol Browner, EPA Administrator
                              (to be confirmed)
                              "Title to come"

 9:30 am - 10:00 am  Coffee Break in the poster/exhibit area

10:00 am - 12:30 pm  Lectures  (5- at 30 minutes)
                         Session 1: Mapping, Markers, and
                              Chromosome Structure

                         Yuzo Minobe, NIAR, Tsukuba, Japan 
                              (MINOBE at RTC0.RIKEN.GO.JP)

                         a. Ed Coe, ARS/Missouri 
                              (ED at TEOSINTE.AGRON.MISSOURI.EDU)
                              "Title to come"

                         b. Gary Kochert, Georgia 
                              (KOCHERT at DOGWOOD.BOTANY.UGA.GOV)
                              "Title to come"

                         c. Nori Kurata, NIAR/STAFF, Japan 
                              (KURATAN at ABR.AFFRC.GO.JP)
                              "Rice Physical and Genetic Map 
                              Construction for the Analysis of
                              Genome Structure"

                         d. Bikram Gill, Kansas State
                              (E-MAIL: RAUPP at MATT.KSU.KSU.EDU)
                      "Molecular Cytogenetic Mapping of
                         Complex Polyploid Genomes:  The Wheat

                         e. Masahiro Yano, Hokuriku Nat'l
                              Experimental Station, Japan 
                              (NO E-MAIL)
                              "Genetic Dissection of Quantitative
                              Traits in Rice Using Molecular

12:30    -  1:30 pm  LUNCH


 3:00 pm -  6:00 pm  Lectures (5- at 30 minutes) 

                         Session 2: Mapping, Markers, and
                         Chromosome Structure

                              Claire Williams, NC State
                              (CLAIRE_WILLIAMS at NCSU.EDU)

                         a. Rudi Appels, CSIRO, Australia 
                              (E-MAIL: RUDI at PICAN.PI.CSIRO.AU)
                         "Cereal Genome Organization Studies as a
                         Means of Targeting Agronomically
                         Important Regions for Detailed Analysis"

                         b. Perry B. Cregan, ARS/Beltsville 
                              (PCREAGAN at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)
                              "Simple Sequence Repeat DNA Markers
                              for Genome Mapping and Genotype

                         c. Derek Lydiate, John Innes/UK    
                              (NO E-MAIL)
                         "The Brassica Genome"

 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm   Coffee Break in the poster/exhibit area

                         d. Ron Sederoff/NC State
                              (VOLVO at UNITY.NCSU.EDU)
                         "Genomic Mapping in Forest Trees and its
                         Implications in Tree Breeding"

                         e. Christine Gebhardt and Frederico 
                              Salamini, MPI/Germany         
                              (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Potato Maps and their Use"

6:30 pm -  8:00 pm  Wine & Cheese
               Sponsored by Scherago International &/or ???

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm  Plenary Lecture - 1 hour

                         Chairperson: Jerry Miksche, ARS
                              (JMIKSCHE at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

                         Senator Barbara Mikulski, Maryland
                              (to be confirmed)
                              "Societal Issues of the Genome


 8:00 am -  5:00 pm  Registration in the Town & Country Hotel 
                         Convention Center lobby area

 7:30 am -  8:30 am  Coffee & Danish in the lobby area

 8:30 am -  9:30 am  Plenary Lecture - 1 hour 

                         Chairperson: Susan McCouch, Cornell
                         (SUSAN_MCCOUCH at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU)

                         a. Richard B. Flavell, John Innes/UK
                              (FLAVELL at JII.AFRC.AC.UK)
                         "The Plant Chromosome - a 1994 View"

 9:30 am - 10:00 am  Coffee Break in the poster/exhibit area

10:00 am -  1:00 pm  Lectures  (6- at 30 minutes)
                         Session 3: Instrumentation/Methodology 
                                   Transposon Technology

                              Chairperson: Leland Ellis, 
                                   Texas A&M, Houston
                              (LELAND at STRAYLIGHT.TAMU.EDU)

                         a. Mark Zabeau, Keygene, Holland 
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Applications of AFLP"

                         b. Mike Freeling, UC-Berkeley (Maize)
                              (FREEING at INSECT.BERKELEY.EDU)
                                   "Grasses as a Single Genetic
                                   System: Ligules and Transposon

                         c. Barbara Baker, ARS/Albany (Maize)
                              "Transposon-based Genetic Tools for
                              Plant Gene Identification and
                              (BBAKER at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU)

                         d. Thomas E. Bureau, U of Georgia
                              (BUREAUT at BSCR.UGA.EDU)
                              "Tracking Down Ancient Plant
                              Transposons: Elucidation of Mobile
                              Element Involvement in Genome

                         e. Jonathan Jones, Sansbury/UK 
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "The Isolation of Tomato Genes
                              Using the Maize Transposon Ac"

                         f. Keith Edwards, ICI/UK 
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Mapping the Maize Genome with

1:00  pm -  2:00 pm  LUNCH


3:30  pm -  6:00 pm  Species/Topic Workshops

                         a. Rice - (Guo-fan Hong & Susan McCouch)
                         (SUSAN_MCCOUCH at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU)

                         b. Legumes (Shoemaker)
                              (RCSSHOE at IASTATE.EDU)

                         c. Nomenclature 
                              (Carl Price & Ellen Reardon)
                              (PRICE at BIOVAX.RUTGERS.EDU)

                         c. Arabidopsis - (Mike Bevan & Caroline 
                              Dean, John Innes/UK
                              (BEVAN at JII.AFRC.AC.UK)
                              (ARABIDOPSIS at JII.AFRC.AC.UK)

                         e. Rape Seed -
                              (NO E-MAIL)
                          (Derek Lydiate, John Innes/UK

                           & Tom Osborn, U. of Wisconsin)
                              (OSBORN at CALSHP.CALS.WISC.EDU)

                         f. BIOSCI Network (Dave Kristofferson)
                              (KRISTOFF at NET.BIO.NET)

4:30  pm -  5:00 pm  Coffee Break in the poster/exhibit area

6:00  pm -  8:00 pm  Barbecue Dinner at Poolside


 8:00 am -  5:00 pm  Registration in the Town & Country Hotel 
                         Convention Center lobby area

 7:30 am -  8:30 am  Coffee & Danish in the lobby area

 8:30 am -  9:30 am  Plenary Lecture - 1 hour 
                         Chairperson: Randy Scholl, Ohio State
                              (RSCHOLL.1 at OSU.EDU)

                            a. Chris Somerville, Stanford
                              (21847CRS at MSU.EDU)
                              "Title to come"

 9:30 am - 10:00 am  Coffee Break in the poster/exhibit area

10:00 am -  1:00 pm  Lectures (6- at 30 minutes)
                         Session 4: Gene Transfer/Transformation

                    Chairperson: Tom Osborn, U of Wisconsin
                              (OSBORN at CALSHP.CALS.WISC.EDU)

                         a. Mike Fromm, Monsanto/St. Louis
                                   (NO E-MAIL)
                              "Title to come"

                         b. Kutty K. Kartha, Saskatoon, Canada 
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Genetic Engineering of Wheat"  
                         c. Kou Shimamoto, Yokohama, Plant Tech 
                                   (NO E-MAIL)
                              "Rice Transformation: Tools for
                              Studies in Gene Regulation and Crop

                         d. David Ow, ARS/Albany 
                                   (NO E-MAIL)
                              "DNA Transfer via Cre-lox Meditated

                         e. Rob Martienssen, Cold Spring Harbor 
                              (MARTIENS at CSHL.ORG)
                              "Title to come"
                         f.  Roger Beachy, Scripps Institute
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                                   "Title to come"

 1:00 pm -  2:00 pm  LUNCH

 2:00 pm -           Free afternoon/Tours (cost of tours is
                        not included in registration fee)

                    (Possible tour of genome activities at 
                         San Diego Zoo)

Evening Free - No scheduled activities.

 8:00 am - 12:00     Registration in Convention Center lobby area

 7:30 am -  8:30 am  Coffee & Danish in the lobby area

 8:30 am -  9:30 am  Plenary Lecture - 
                         Chairperson: Keith Russell, NAL    
                         (KRUSSELL at NALUSDA.GOV)

                         J. Craig Venter, TIGR, Gaithersburg, MD
                              (E-MAIL: CVENTER at TIGR.COM)
                              "Title to come"               

 9:30 am - 10:00 am  Coffee Break in the poster area

10:00 am - 12:00 noon  Lectures (4- at 30 minutes)
                         Session 5:Microorganisms and Organelle 

                         Chairperson: Steve Knapp/Oregon State
                                   SKNAPP at HELIX.OSCS.ORST.EDU

                         a. Hirofumi Uchimiya (U of Tokyo, Japan)
                              (HUCHIMIY at TANSEI.CC.U-TOKYO.AC.JP)
                                "Evaluation of cDNA libraries for
                                   Specific Gene Cloning"

                         b. Stephen Oliver, Manchester
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Yeast Genome Analysis: For

                         c. Michael Unseld, Berlin/Germany
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Sequence Analysis of the
                              Arabidopsis Mitochondria Genome"

                         d. R. G. Herrmann (Munich) - 
                                   (E-MAIL ???)
                              "Chromosome Specific Libraries"

12:00 noon - 1:00 pm  LUNCH


 2:30 pm -  6:30 pm  Lectures  (7- at 30 minutes)

                         Session 6: Metabolic Pathways/Trait 

                         Chairperson: Mary Berlyn, Yale
                              (MARY at FETALPIG.BIOLOGY.YALE.EDU)
                         a. Randy Shoemaker, ARS/Iowa 
                              (RCSSHOE at IASTATE.EDU)
                              "Duplicate Genetic Factors and
                              Soybean Genome Organization"

                         b. Ben Burr, BNL
                              (BURR at BNLUX1.BNL.GOV)
                              "The Nature of Quantitative Trait
                              Loci for Model Characters" 
                         c. David Webb, Pioneer 
                              (WEBBDM at PHIBRED.COM)
                              "QTL Affecting Soybean Cyst-
                              Nematode Resistance"

                         d. Patrick Hayes, Oregon State, 
                         (HAYESP at CCMAIL.ORST.EDU)
                              "Barley and Model QTL systems" 

 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm   Coffee Break in the lobby area

                         e. Tom Cheesborough, SD State
                              (CHEESBRT at MG.SDSTATE.EDU")
                         "Lipid Metabolism: Integrating Metabolic
                              Pathways into the Genome project"

                         f. Rich Meagher, Univ. of Georgia  
                    E-Mail:MEAGHER%GANDAL.DNET at SERVER.UGA.EDU
                              "Title to come"

                         g. A. E. Melchinger
                              (E-MAIL ???)
                         "Mapping of QTL in Test Crosses of 
                         Maize: Comparison Between Populations,
                         Testers, and Environments"

 6:30 pm              Closing Remarks - Stephen Heller
                    PG-II Satellite Meetings

Before PG-II:

Saturday-Sunday: (January 22-23, 1994)

 8:00 am -  5:00 pm ITMI

     International Triticae Mapping Initiative

               Organized by:

          Olin Anderson/ARS-Albany 
          (OANDERSON at PW.USDA.GOV)


          Pat McGuire/UC-Davis)
          (GRCP at UCDAVIS.EDU)

Sunday: (January 23, 1994)

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

     Cereal Genome Integration

               Organized by:

          Jeff Bennetzen/Purdue
               (E-MAIL: MAIZE at BILBO.BIO.PURDUE.EDU)

Sunday: (January 23, 1994)

1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

     International Consortium for Sugar Cane 

               Organized by:

          James Irvine/Texas A&M/Westlaco
               (E-MAIL ????)

After PG-II:

Friday: (January 28, 1994)
 8:00 am -  5:00 pm

               Pine Tree Workshop

               Organized by:

               Dave Neale/ARS-Albany
               (DNEALE at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)

The initial call for Papers went out in February 1993.

1. Mapping, Markers, & Chromosome Structure                  
2. Instrumentation/Methodology/Transposon                    
3. Gene Transfer/Transformation              
4. Metabolic Pathways/Trait Expression/QTL's 
5. Microorganisms and Organelle DNA          

     Researchers are invited to submit poster papers in the area
of Plant Genome research.  Some papers submitted for poster
presentations may be chosen for presentation as a short lecture.

     The registration brochure will go out in August 1993.

     The deadline for the submission of abstracts will be 
15 November 1993.

     The program will include all the abstracts, an author index,
and each abstract will be coded by a predefined tag indicating
the subject matter of the research contained in the poster.


Scherago International, Inc. 
11 Penn Plaza, Suite 1003 
New York, NY  10001 

Phone:       212-643-1750
FAX:         212-643 1758

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