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Interaural Pitch Difference, or Diplacusus

mr.kitzle mr.kitzle at verizon.net
Mon Mar 10 04:36:55 EST 2003

I have a friend who is a 46 year old musician who recently, after what 
appeared to be a gastrointestinal flareup (gas, diarhea), started to 
suffer a strange hearing phenomenon which hasn't gone away. It is now 
more than one week.

what follows is part of what he wrote:

--start his e-mail to me---------
On Sunday AM I got up, got out my mando to practice, strummed it once 
and it sounded really out of tune. I started to tune it up, and to no 
avail. The low string pairs sounded like they were tuned a whole step 
apart. ????? I checked the instrument, no loose parts, no sympathetic 
ringing, nothing.

I sang a couple of notes. I heard a harmony inside my head, a whole 
step lower than what I was singing.

I can not make head nor tails of music I haven't heard 
before: the low-end is a muddy cluster, and only the higher frequencies 
seem to emerge from the sonic miasma unscathed. Most notes sound 
processed, and voices in a certain frequency range sound like they're 
being run through a ring modulator, or have a kind of vague "shadow" to 

I have an appt at the ear and eye infirmary on Thurs, and I'm PRAYING 
it's an acoustic problem and not a neurological one. I have been 
feeling some pressure inside my ears, so maybe the eustachians are 
clogged with crap, or something. Maybe an infection? No earache though...
-----------end his e-mail to me--------

Since the above E-mail, he has gone to an Otolaryngologist, and testing 
has revealed nothing specific about his complaint, however the MD put 
him on an anti-viral, as well as a steroid (Prednisone).

He has not taken any of the meds yet, and is searching for another 
Medical  opinion as well as much more information.

Any ideas (Web based info, or NYC based practitioners)?

Mr. Kitzle


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