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Theoretical Cochlear Injury

Electromagnet omtone at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 3 05:00:17 EST 2003


I sure hope I am posting my question to the correct newsgroup. This is
moderated after all.

Let say there is a type of heat. This heat is different from other

There are certain rules as to how my heat behaves:

1. It does not carbonize [i.e. smoking, blackening, conversion to
carbon. etc] any organic chemical nor does it allow organic material
in its path to carbonize. [No matter how high the temperature]

2. It does not heat [nor does it allow the heating of] any of the
following chemicals if they are in its path:

A. H20 [water]
B. Fats, oils, waxes
C. Alcohols [i.e. any chemical classified as an alcohol]
D. Acids or acidic chemicals
E. Ions [organic or inorganic]
F. Electrolytes

3. It neutralizes acids

4. It neutralizes both positive and negative electricity

5. It neutralizes north magnetic fields [really theoretical!!!]
without affecting south magnetic fields

6. It does not heat [nor does it allow the heating of] the following
body tissues in its path:

A. Blood [any blood content]
B. Blood vessels [all types: arteries, veins, arterioles, venules,
capillaries, etc.]
C. Any other circulatory tissue
D. Any nervous tissues [central, peripheral, autonomic, all other
nervous tissues].
E. Any and all types of skeletal tissues

7. Does *not* generate shock-waves or *any* type of pressure.
[regardless of amount of heat energy or temperature]


My audiological question [which I am really interested in]:

Lets say this heat affects my left cochlea [and *only* my left cochlea
(no other body parts)]. The heat surrounds my left cochlea and is
strong enough to heat it [inside and outside; my entire left cochlea
heated equally (with the rules applying of course!)] to the
astronomical temperature of *9,000,000,000,000 to the power
9,000,000,000,000* degrees Celsius [C!].

[Seriously] What symptom[s] would I experience? [explain to my as if I
am the patient]

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,


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