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Audiology Referral

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at hctc.net
Wed May 5 18:30:33 EST 1999

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>Is there anyone out there that can provide me with audiology contacts in
>Lagos, Nigeria - preferably someone who can do ABR and/or OAE's.  
>Saw 7-year old from Lagos, Nigeria today who is in the United States
>visiting.  He is a twin and has not uttered one word since birth.  He can
>follow SOME instructions and seems to have a VERY minimal language base
>(English).  They are here visiting an uncle and reportedly when they
>arrived and the uncle realized the nonverbal status of this child, he
>scheduled him an appointment with a GP who in turn referred to us for a HE
>and a SLE.  His HE appt was today and needless to say I got VERY LITTLE
>information.  However, the information I did get shows the possibility of a
>mild hearing loss in one ear and a more severe (unsure of possible degree)
>hearing loss in the other ear.  I recommended an ABR, BUT they are leaving
>to return to Nigeria on 5/7.  I am going to see if I can find someone who
>will SQUEEZE this appointment in but it is highly unlikely.  That is why I
>would like to know if there is anyone in Nigeria or if anyone can provide
>any other resources for this kind of assistance.
>Thank you
>Tara Carroll

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