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Excessive Moisture Problems

Sandra Soslowsky sandra_soslowsky at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 26 15:02:51 EST 1999

This may not help in this case, as it seems you have gone past the point
of being able to return the instruments to the manufacturer and try a
different brand, but just for future knowledge:

There is an instrument put out by Rion/Starkey (HB-54) that is supposed
to be water-proof up to 3 ft of water! The problem is they are only
available in BTE models.  I have used it on a couple of my patients in
the past with good results including a fireman and a landscaper(we get a
lot of "sweaters" here in AZ, especially in the 120 degree summers).  It
is my understanding that they have expanded the line to include a power
linear through an AGC unit.  This is the only type of unit that I have
had much success with when it comes to perspiration problems.

FYI: Rion phone# 800-328-8602  website: www.rion.co.jp

Good Luck!
Sandra M.G. Soslowsky, M.S., CCC-A

--- Jeffrey Sirianni <audioman at hctc.net> wrote:
> Greetings To All,
> I have a patient who is experiencing more than
> expected moisture problems.
> He currently wears Phonak Sona P2 binaurally.  He
> comes in every 1-2 weeks
> reporting that one of his aids is "out".  After
> removing the programming
> cover, I suction the moisture out of the programming
> port and microphone
> and the aid comes to life.  He uses his charged Super
> Dri-Aid kit nightly
> and says he dries his ears (concha and EAC opening)
> every morning with a
> towel after his shower and sometimes uses a Q-tip
> with a dab of alcohol.
> He is a 40 year old preacher who is very sensitive to
> reductions in
> "volume" when the aid starts to accumulate moisture. 
> He says that most
> mornings his aids come out of the jar working very
> well, but by 6:00 PM,
> the devices are "down".  This may be some habituation
> effect, but due to
> his in-office moisture problems, I would say that
> there is definitely
> excessive accumulation throughout the day, with some
> excessive accumulation
> that requires him to come into the office for my
> help.  I have seen the
> glistening of moisture on many of these visits and
> the aid comes to life as
> soon as I suction it away.  The devices have been
> back to the factory
> several times for problems that I can now remedy with
> my experience with
> his moisture problems.
> 1. I only have a few patients who wear this model
> (although he seems to
> wear his devices every day as long as he can), and so
> I am curious to know
> if this is a model design problem, or whether this is
> an individual user
> problem.
> 2. I told him that I would look into the price on a
> Dry and Store unit, but
> I would not want this patient to spend the money if
> he continues to have
> this problem.  Has anyone seen good/remarkable
> results with the Dry and
> Store unit for patients with excessive moisture
> problems that do not seem
> to get the full benefits from an inexpensive Super
> Dri-Aid kit?
> 3.  Does anyone have any further suggestions for me
> or for the patient?  As
> I mentioned earlier, he is a preacher (presently
> interviewing for open
> positions) and so this intermittent problem is really
> something that this
> man can do without.
> All responses are greatly appreciated.
> Note: He and I have a running joke that with all the
> follow-up office
> visits that he has had over the last year, that I
> lose money everytime he
> comes into the office.  I am glad he is such a nice
> guy, and we enjoy our
> sessions, but he is frustrated and concerned with
> this problem, especially
> if he moved out of my area.
> Help....
> Jeff
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