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HA's, T-Coils, and Cellular Phones

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at hctc.net
Fri Jul 16 11:31:45 EST 1999

Moving on.....

I have a young man (20 years old) in my practice who successfully uses a
Unitron IKON AoHP for severe SNHL.  He has had recent problems trying to
use an analog cellular phone.  He tries to use the t-coil, but there is
essentially no output signal response, at maximum VC, and I have verfied
this through a listening check with his phone.  I have tried some other
loaner devices on my shelf, with the same result.  Nokia says that his
model phone (# 918) should be t-coil compatible, but I think the
electromagnetic signal out of the phone is too weak.  The phone on my desk
work just fine with his hearing aid.  The new loopset device from Nokia
(see ad in Hearing Review, June 1999, page 5) is only compatible with their
newer digital phones.  I have a call into Nokia on this issue.  Anyway,
that is his t-coil problem.

He has tried to use the phone in the microphone position.  The hearing aid
microphone shuts down when the phone gets close to it.  At first I thought
this was strange, until I witnessed it during a listening check.  When the
phone is held away from the aid, I can hear all the environmental sounds of
the office, but as soon as the phone gets near the hearing aid microphone,
the microphone signal (or the entire aid for that matter) shuts down.  This
did not occur with the other stock aids I had on the shelf.  I spoke to one
of the repair (technical) people at Unitron, who had me send it in for
microphone replacement, as he has seen this in the past.  Anyway, the young
man came in today with his phone and you guessed it, the microphone (and/or
the entire hearing aid) continues to short out.  The techincal person at
Unitron is on vacation, so I am waiting for his call next week.  Has anyone
seen this before?  Any remedies?

The woman I spoke with at Nokia (who is at a meeting out of town) told me
of a silloutte type device called "HATIS" that will plug into the cellular
phone and will allow him to use the phone and his hearing aid in the t-coil
position.  Has anyone had experience with this?  Her is an exept of her
email reply:

Jeff --

First, the 918 is certified as a hearing aid compatible phone.  If the phone
is not working with your patient's hearing aid please talk to the service
provider who should take care of repair.

For hands-free use, the HATIS device is available through SoundBytes.  In
case you are not familiar with them, their contact number is 800-667-1777.
The HATIS can be connected with the 918 with an adapter device in the Nokia
headset kit #HDXK7.  

With very best regards,


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