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Soundproofing an apartment -----

Barry Mann nitebird at voicenet.com
Sat Jul 25 13:10:57 EST 1998

In <6p87p8$h1h$1 at netnews.upenn.edu>, on 07/23/98 
   at 11:08 PM, heldj at hotmail.com (Jon Held) said:

>Hello! I have a soundproofing question.  My new apartment has a sound
>problem  - there is an exhaust fan (from a restaurant) near my back door.
>Much of the  sound winds up in my apt - mostly mid-range "whining".  It's
>loud, and  frustrating.  I want to insulate the back of the apt (on the
>outside) with  something.  There is a thin back door, a wall above it
>which is just 2 layers  of thin plywood, and a skylight on the ceiling

>Which material would be best for blocking the sound-
>1) Wood
>2) Styrofoam, or
>3) Standard white ceiling tiles (Don't know what they're made from - 
>fiberglass?  I have a few unused ones)

>Any advice on this question or other tips on soundproofing greatly 

Don't overlook the obvious. If possible, keep the storm windows installed
year round. Install a storm window on the skylight.

Add as much mass as possible in the walls and windows. Multiple Layers
separated by space filled with fiberglass insulation are better than a
single layer.

Sound can also be conducted. If the fan is attached to your building,
you'll have to isolate the fan or your apartment from the building.

nitebird at voicenet.com (Barry Mann)

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