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FWD: Children's Hosp./Boston Wants Extern

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at hctc.net
Wed Apr 8 11:11:16 EST 1998

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>Subject: Children's Hosp./Boston Wants Extern
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>The Audiology program at Children's Hospital in Boston offers a graduate
>externship experience.  We are looking for one graduate student for the
>one for the fall, and one for the spring.  The graduate student must have 
>finished nearly all their coursework prior to the externship.  The student 
>spends a minimum of six weeks (usually ten weeks) working unpaid in the 
>Audiology program on a full-time basis.  The student's work is very closely 
>supervised by one of our twelve audiologists at the hospital site.  The
>goal of the externship is the development of competence in behavioral 
>audiological evaluations for young and complex children.  The student also 
>participates in a variety of interdisciplinary programs and may assist with 
>cochlear implant mapping sessions.  
>We seek only truly outstanding students who show an unusual degree of
>and promise in pediatric audiology, and who can stay for at least six
>Unfortunately we do not offer free housing for the student, and so it is
>for our students to stay with someone they happen to know in the Boston area 
>during their externship.  The initial inquiry should be a contact from the 
>student's supervisor to our continuing education coordinator:
>Charlotte Mullen, M.A., CCC-A
>Children's Hospital
>300 Longwood Ave.
>Boston, Ma. 02115
>mullen at a1.tch.harvard.edu
>A copy of the student's undergraduate and graduate transcripts, CV, and a
>of recommendation are required.  Typically we have several applicants for
>spring semester and none for the summer and fall.  Thank you for any
>students you can send our way.
>Marilyn W. Neault, Ph.D., CCC-A
>Director of Audiology Services
>neault at a1.tch.harvard.edu
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