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Widex Senso Pricing

Rob Smith robs at bconnex.net
Mon Sep 29 16:26:30 EST 1997

I just purchased a Widex Senso hearing aid for my mom - total cost to
me was $1229.85 Canadian dollars. This included audiogram, ear
impression, 8 batteries, and dispensing fee. It works wonderfully.
I suspect that the audiologists in the USA are naturally protecting
their turf with the no price discusion rule. It appears that US
customers are paying a much higher dispensing fee.

I was told that Widex is now manufacturing Senso hearing aids in
Canada. Can anyone confirm this? It may have a bearing on the cost
differential between Canada and the US.

On 16 Sep 1997 10:04:54 -0700, woodd at DGABBY.MFLDCLIN.EDU (Douglas
Wood) wrote:

>With all due respect to hearing aid consumers, why should it surprise you that you can
>buy a Danish made hearing aid cheaper in Denmark?  If I travel to certain Pacific Rim
>countries, I know that I can purchase high end electronic equipment at a fraction of
>what it would cost in the US. The only problem is that when I consider my total
>travel expenses, tariffs, duties, and VAT, I will have spent a good deal more.
>If you did travel to Denmark, stayed in the lush cottage, and purchased the aids 
>offered in the ad, you would undoubtedly spend a whole lot more. Once you
>added in airfare, meals, miscellaneous expenses AND THEN the duties and VAT.
>Then when you had a routine question or required reprogramming, you could simply
>fly back to Copenhagen, have an espresso while they adjust your aids, and mabey
>stay in that cottage again. WOW. Just think, a trip to Denmark each time your hearing
>aids needed adjustment.
>Everything is less expensive in the country of origin, and of course citizens of those
>countries can take advantage of that. Implications that those aids should be similarly
>priced abroad is unrealistic. Consumers are free to shop around and purchase where-
>ever and whenever they find the best deal for them.
>In addition, Denmark also utilizes a socialized form of health care, and that is a
>marked departure from the US. Yes, hearing aids might be purchased at a
>reduced cost in those countries.  But when you discuss the so-called *rationing* of
>US healthcare, remember that in most countries with government run healthcare, 
>basic services often require incredibly lengthy wait times-even in the case of
>necessary surgeries. There are some advantages & disadvantages to both
>systems-but from the time I lived in Britain and utilized the National Health Service,
>I'll take the US healthcare delivery system-despite free hearing aids in Britain.

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