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Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Sat Sep 27 00:56:30 EST 1997

lopezs at musc.edu (Susan M Lopez) writes:

>For all you non-audiologists who follow this group, please understand that
>you owe it to yourself to do your own homework when it comes to pricing.
>Yes, it would be great if everyone charged the same thing for the same
>product. But life ain't perfect. Different individuals have different
>needs when it comes to hearing health care. Different people can spend
>different amounts of money to buy a hearing aid. You can spend a lot of 
>money and get a high end product or very little money and get a Whisper
>XL for $29.95--but wait, I think the FDA put a stop to them.

>If you are unhappy with the price quote you get for a hearing aid, then go
>find someone else who sells what you want (Widex) and compare apples to
>apples (same model, circuit, service contract). If you find an
>unbelievable deal out there, you are probably getting screwed someplace.
>Hearing aids ain't cheap.

Thanks Susan.....

Who says you HAVE to buy binaural Senso CIC's?  I'd love to buy a Mercedes,
but I can't afford one.  So I drive my 1988 Chevy Beretta because it runs,
it's paid for, and I'm happy with it.  When time comes for me to buy a new
car, I'll go to our budget, see what we can spend, then select a new vehicle
based on that.  Spend what you can afford, but don't spend you money on
something worthless.

I like to use my approach to patients for an example here.  A patient came in
yesterday inquiring about hearing aids.  He told me he had plenty of money, but
wanted something that was suitable for him.  I showed him pricing on Widex Senso's,
Phonak PiCS, and Rexton Horizons.  All Class D, programmables, multiple setting
devices with prices ranging from "Mercedes to Chevy's".  His motivation and checkbook
will guide his decision.  I provide him with his options and if he trusts me, then
he'll come back and select on eof these packages.

Bottomline:  If you can't afford Senso's at accepted U.S. prices, don't buy them.

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