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gandalf at infi.net gandalf at infi.net
Wed Sep 24 14:16:53 EST 1997

>In article <Pine.ULT.3.95.970923202658.19137A-100000 at atrium.musc.edu>, 
>lopezs at musc.edu says...
>>Today, I saw a woman who was 82 years old.
>>She has bilateral SNHL and crappy speech discrimination abilities.
>>She was brought in by her daughter who wanted to know what could be done
>>to help her mom hear better.
>>She was wearing a Starkey ITE on her left ear.  I called and found out it
>>was a Class A circuit.  After more questions, it became apparent that this
>>woman paid a rediculous amount for two ITE clas A circuit aids with NO
>>trimpots.  I could not tell if she got the aids from an audiologist or a
>>hearing aid dealer.

>--- snipped ----

>Absolutly wonderful post- this post explains exactly what issues
>we consumers have been trying to communicate, but perhaps not as

I saw a 92 year old woman today. She was wearing a linear type A circuit 
without compression or trimpots in an ITE hearing aid. Her complaint was that 
it whistled all the time. I examined the hearing aid, which had a slightly 
stiff gain control, but which, otherwise was doing just fine. I examined her 
ears and found a cerumen build-up in the aided ear. I cleaned the build up out 
of her ear, and she reported that she heard "wonderfully". I informed her of 
programmable and digital technology, but she asked my opinion as to her 
specific needs. I told her that in my opinion, she was doing well and did not 
need a change, insofar as she had said she was communicating very well. (She 
had paid me an outrageous amount for the aid 4 years ago.)

Of course, there was no charge for the visit. I guess I took advantage of her, 
though, being as how all audiologists are such crooks and all.


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