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Widex Senso Pricing

jbell at barint.on.ca jbell at barint.on.ca
Thu Sep 18 20:26:21 EST 1997

I'll take credit for stirring this controversey. See my previous posts for info on
my Canadian Sensos..Cost C$1050 each about $750US..my dispensing C$325. or 30% of
the aid cost. So whats your dispensing cost? If users in the US are paying $2900
for an aid that ahearing-aid sells for $1200US its pretty easy to calculate. So
lets put the problem where it belongs and not on Widex. And yes the government
will pay $260 of my cost and my med insurance will pay $1000 just as your HMO's
will but these are at arms length from the dispensing so are no justification for
jacking up the prices. So bottom line the Danish saga is just another red herring.

RSiegel663 wrote:

> >
> >With all due respect to hearing aid consumers, why should it surprise you
> >that you can
> >buy a Danish made hearing aid cheaper in Denmark?  If I travel to certain
> >Pacific Rim
> >countries, I know that I can purchase high end electronic equipment at a
> >fraction of
> >what it would cost in the US. The only problem is that when I consider my
> >total
> >travel expenses, tariffs, duties, and VAT, I will have spent a good deal
> >more.
> >
> >If you did travel to Denmark, stayed in the lush cottage, and purchased the
> >aids
> >offered in the ad, you would undoubtedly spend a whole lot more. Once you
> >added in airfare, meals, miscellaneous expenses AND THEN the duties and VAT.
> >Then when you had a routine question or required reprogramming, you could
> >simply
> >fly back to Copenhagen, have an espresso while they adjust your aids, and
> >mabey
> >stay in that cottage again. WOW. Just think, a trip to Denmark each time your
> >hearing
> >aids needed adjustment.
> >
> >Everything is less expensive in the country of origin, and of course citizens
> >of those
> >countries can take advantage of that. Implications that those aids should be
> >similarly
> >priced abroad is unrealistic. Consumers are free to shop around and purchase
> >where-
> >ever and whenever they find the best deal for them.
> >
> >In addition, Denmark also utilizes a socialized form of health care, and that
> >is a
> >marked departure from the US. Yes, hearing aids might be purchased at a
> >reduced cost in those countries.  But when you discuss the so-called
> >*rationing* of
> >US healthcare, remember that in most countries with government run
> >healthcare,
> >basic services often require incredibly lengthy wait times-even in the case
> >of
> >necessary surgeries. There are some advantages & disadvantages to both
> >systems-but from the time I lived in Britain and utilized the National Health
> >Service,
> >I'll take the US healthcare delivery system-despite free hearing aids in
> >Britain.
> >
> >Doug
> >
> >
> BRAVO !   Just saw your note, after I sent my limited response to Brad.
> You hit it on the head.
> Robert B. Siegel M.S. CCC-A, BC-HIS
> Family Hearing Centers
> 2001 Lincoln Dr W.   Suite E
> Marlton, NJ 08053-1531

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