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Digital Comparisons

Brad Whitney whitneyb at erols.com
Tue Sep 16 10:33:23 EST 1997

In article <5vm5ni$2sn at winter.news.erols.com>, whitneyb at erols.com says...
>In article <341DE706.5ACA7D64 at barint.on.ca>, jbell at barint.on.ca says...
>>My Senso C18's are high power aids that can go as high as a 100db to
>>145db range.
>>Oticon are just thinking about a high power model. They have told me
>>that their model is appropriate for losses up to 85-90 db.
>>In Canada the cost of the Senso is C$1050 or US$1000. Dispensing adds
>>$350. Total for my two aids was $2800.. but they are well worth it. It
>>seems to me that US costs are much higher..Wonder why?
>>Howard Moss wrote:
>>> Could you tell me the rough price range you're talking about
>>> for these aids? And are they for severe losses or for "non-severe"
>>> ones.
>>> --
>>> Howard Moss
>>> hmoss at sr.hp.com
>>> Rohnert Park, CA
>While I agree getting too deep into costing and pricing issues can be
>distracting, this particular issue is exactly why some pricing information
>needs to be presented.
>It appears (at least on the surface) Widex does have different pricing 
>structures for different countries.  I have been checking pricing in the
>Washington DC area for Widex Senso since jbell at barint.on.ca emailed me the
>Candian prices a week or two ago.  Under any comparision I can find, even
>checking ahearingaid.com, US prices are at least 50% higher than Candian 

As a follow-up to support Widex's different pricing for different countries,
see the ad for Widex Senso's from Denmark, including lodging, aimed directly 
at the US market, for less than $1500 US.  


Compare the prices in your country to ours – and you might discover, that you 
could purchase highest quality hearing aids, get yourself a
             trip to Denmark – and still save money.

             Modern hearing aids - at the world’s most favourable rates.

             Denmark is world famous for their hearing aid industry - and 
Denmark is a trend setter in modern hearing aids.

             Due to reasonable Danish domestic market prices, you can buy new 
and fully digitalized hearing aids - and even save a fortune doing so.

             Our clinic offers you: 

                  a complete examination 
                  earmould impression 
                  medical advice 
                  fully digitalized in-the-ear hearing aid 
                  including fitting and 

                                                     Less than US$ 1500, -

             If you would like to visit us, we will even offer you free of 
charge accommodation in a luxury summer cottage close to the coastline during
             your visit.

             The price indicated is based on a Senso CX from Widex and is 
exclusive of VAT.

             If you have any questions - Don't hesitate sending us an E-Mail.

             Very best regards.

             Arne M. Eike

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end of ad

Lets all of us U.S. consumers go to Denmark,  or Canada, for our aids and
we'll all have a vacation and save money, all at the expense of our local

Come on all you audiologists and dispensers, start raising hell with
Widex on their US pricing Policies!  The above ad is tangable proof of
discriminitory pricing practices on the US market. Now go get'em.

Brad H. Whitney
Just an abused potential Widex Consumer.

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