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Look for anyone can help curing my ear problem

Rod valueline8 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 03:23:28 EST 1997

Dear there, 

I have the problem of muffled ears in the last three months. It becomes
more serious as the frequency of my ears being muffled increases now. 

I have the same problem when I was in China one and a half years ago. I
think the problem is inflamation in my Eustacian Tubes as I saw doctors
many times then. The air pressure in my middle ears goes down as my
Eustachina tubes become very narrow. My right ear becomes muffled many
times in the daytime nowdays suddenly and sometimes when I swallow but
almost none at night. The muffled ear will not being muffled after 10-20
minutes. If I lie down or bend forward, the situation of muffling will
be better or disappear quickly. 

However, in China we have Eustachian Puffing method, a simple practice
done by a nurse positioning a syringe into patient's nostril at the
outlet of the Eustachina tube, and puffing the rubber bulb at the
syringe's end to puff air or inject antibiotic liquid or medical liquid
that dissolves the accumulated liquid in the middle ear if necessary
into the Eustachian tube and middle ear.   This practice is very
effective and will disappear my problem for long.  Unless I have a very
bad cold, I may have the same problem appear again. 

But in the USA, no doctor in my town practicing the above method yet. I
would highly appreciate it if anyone knows how I can find a doctor
practing the above method.  I have the syringe and the antibiotic liquid
and the disolution liquid. I just need to find someone who is
experienced in practicing the Eustachina Puffing method.  

Or, anyone can tell me any effective medicines for Eustachian
inflamation. I have taken amoxicilin and other penicilins for a month
and do not see any improvement.

I will greatly thank you for any useful information.  Please help me.

valueline8 at hotmail.com

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