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Sorry about the tragity (TRAGEDY)

bob bobw at enteract.com
Thu Oct 30 08:28:58 EST 1997

Dick wrote:
> bob wrote:
> >
> > eak3 at gate.net wrote:
> > >
> > > The inability not to hear does not excuse the inablity to spell
> >
> > In my first visit to this group, I found eak's post is a remarkably
> > petty comment. Obviously, the ability to write to a group doesn't
> > necessarily include having anything of value to say.
> >
> > Bob Wulkowicz
> Take care, I think you will find that he was commenting about the
> spelling he had just used in his own posting "What a mess! The second
> tragity of hearing loss" immediately ahead of that one.  Not a comment
> about someone else's spelling!!
> Dick

I apologize if that was the case. My Netscape and server have chosen to
load only a few of this group's postings--today's has only 22 letters
which means I couldn't review eak's prior writings.

I had just left a forum where the comments and criticisms on one topic
turned toward spelling--exclusively and pejoratively about spelling.
Everything the author first said were lost in the flurry about his
spelling; what he actually said was never revisited, and the consequent
preoccupation was with the "proper" arrangements of letters on a page.

Yes, since postings can only be by writing, and good spelling is the
equivilant of dressing properly for appearance and ease of
understanding, it is important. But, when we become pedantic and lose
the spirit of words to poke at their arrangement, spelling is reduced to
a sniffy assessment of class and intellectual competency--hardly the
stuff I want to read or be involved with in my lifetime.     

If I misspoke, it was preloaded by that. I thought someone was saying,
"Don't use being deaf as an excuse for poor spelling."

As I think about it, we shouldn't be able to tell a person's hearing
ability from their writing. Certainly, spelling couldn't offer the clue;
"tragity," here for example, is spelled as it sounds not as it is
required and implies the capacity to have once heard its sound.

And how does one tell bad typing from bad spelling once the letters are
set on the page? I'll tolerate mistakes and poor spelling if the
thoughts and text have value--drivel is still drivel after

Without the ability to read "What a mess! The second tragity of hearing
loss," I can't go any further in my mutterings. Please send me a copy of
the full thread and I'll try to be more contributive.

Bob Wulkowicz

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