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What a mess! The second tragity of hearing loss

Paul D Dybala dybala at utdallas.edu
Mon Oct 27 23:43:08 EST 1997

eak3 at gate.net wrote:
> I would invite all those interested to wnader over to the hearing loss
> news group. You will read a number of msgs from people like myself who
> are trying to muddle  through the great morass of purchasing hearing
> aids.

> For me, the experience can only likened to the experience one has when
> buying a car (except with a car you at least to get drive and
> compare). Recrimination's between audiologist and the forever
> nausiating arguement of who knows best - audiologist or dispensers.

> It is impossible to get any real understanding of the plus and minuses
> of various brands beacuse everybody is busy pushing some particular
> brand or another. The manufactures provide nothing more than glib
> glossy booklets that are sparse at best or silent at the worts on
> technical aspects of their products - I can get more technical data on
> sterio speakers than I can get on hearing aids.

> Could you folks help us. 

To be honest with you you should not concern yourself as much with what
brand you are buying as much as who you are buying them from. 

You can get most styles and types of circuits from most any major
hearing aid company.

To be honest with you it is next to impossible for me as an audiologist to
say this is the hearing aid for you based on brief comments in a

If you ask the audiologists in this group,  I have this amount of loss
what type of aid should I get you can easily get as many different answers
as audiologists.

I am sure if you were to ask an MD what type of medicine s/he uses
for various problems the answers would vary as much.

You do have a chance to test drive the aids you purchase.  All
have a 30 day trial priod in which you can use them and then return them
for a full refund or exchange for a different so you could do this.

Month 1  Senso CIC
Month 2  Starkey CIC
Month 3  Siemens CIC

etc etc etc.

If you want to sit down and talk with someone at length, call
up a local reputable audiologist and say,  I want to come in and talk
about these 6 different CIC aids.  Could you consult with me and help me
to make an informed decision.  I would be surprised if you were told,
no I will not do this.

To be honest with you the lack of information on the internet about
audiologists and hearing aids is simply due to the fact that there
is nothing out on the internet!  

Audiology consists of 12,000 people in the US it is a small field.  Most
HA manuf have just now come (within the past year) online let alone the
majority of audiologists!

I advise you that the best thing to do is call around on the phone and

make some appointments 

and talk to several different people and be
specific in what you want.

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

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