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ASA Acoustics Workshop Announcement

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Fri Oct 24 23:44:22 EST 1997

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>ASA to Host Workshop on Acoustic Accessibility in Classrooms
>The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) will host a workshop,
>Eliminating  Acoustical Barriers to Learning in Classrooms, on
>December 6-7, 1997 in Los Angeles at the House Ear Institute.  At their
>October meeting, the ASHA Executive Board will consider a resolution to
>cosponsor the workshop and fund an ASHA member representative to
>The purpose of the workshop is to:
> a) bring together professionals engaged in the planning, development, or
>use of educational facilities (e.g., acousticians, administrators,
>architects, audiologists, educators, speech-language pathologists), and
> b) provide practical planning strategies and methods to avoid or correct
>poor acoustics in existing and planned educational facilities.
>Four of  ASA*s technical committees (speech communication,
>physiological and psychological acoustics, architectural acoustics, and
>noise) have taken the lead in planning the workshop.
>The outcome of the workshop will be the development of a document
>that addresses model acoustical specifications for planning or
>procurement of facilities and equipment.  This document will be prepared
>in anticipation of an announcement by the Architectural Transportation
>Barriers Compliance Board (ATBCB)  in the Federal Register on the need
>to develop acoustic accessibility guidelines.  Consumers have petitioned
>the ATBCB on the need for acoustic accessibility for individuals with
>disabilities as the current Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility
>Guidelines (ADAAG) do not provide sufficient guidance in this area.  If
>acoustic accessibility guidelines are developed and approved, they
>become part of the ADAAG. As part of ADAAG, the guidelines are
>incorporated into the building codes for every state. The ATBCB has
>plans to publish an announcement in the Federal Register  this
>In 1995, ASHA published a position statement and guidelines, Acoustics
>in Educational Settings.  The ATBCB has stated that the broad issue of
>acoustic accessibility needs to be addressed and does not want the
>issue limited to classroom acoustics.  In October 1991, ASHA was
>awarded a one-year technical assistance grant from the U.S.
>Department of Justice (DOJ), Communication Disabilities and the ADA:
>The ABCs. ASHA was the only professional association to be awarded
>a grant from the DOJ. Grant materials were designed to encourage
>voluntary compliance with the ADA by providing disabilities information
>on ADA requirements and appropriate communication strategies to
>businesses, government agencies, professionals, and consumers on
>Title II and Title III regulations. Title Ill specifically addresses Existing
>Facilities: Removal of Barriers, Existing Facilities: Alternatives to Barrier
>Removal, and New Construction.
>To date, sponsors for the ASA workshop include the American
>Academy of Audiology, the ATBCB, the Council of Educational Facilities
>Planners International, the Educational Audiology Association, the House
>Ear Institute, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, the National
>Council of Acoustical Consultants, and Self Help for Hard of Hearing
>People, Inc.
>For additional information on the workshop, please contact one of the
>following individuals:
>David Lubman
>voice/fax: (714) 373-3050
>e-mail: dlubman at ix.netcom.com
>Peggy B. Nelson
>voice: (202) 651-5779 ext. 6464
>e-mail: pbnelson at gallux.gallaudet.edu
>Sigfrid D. Soli
>voice: (213) 353-7085
>fax: (213) 413-0950
>e-mail: ssoli at hei.org
>Louis C. Sutherland
>voice: (310) 541-7654
>fax: (310) 541-7795
>e-mail: lou-sutherland at juno.com
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