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gandalf at infi.net gandalf at infi.net
Fri Oct 17 09:59:32 EST 1997

>> >
>> Very interesting! As one of your "patients" I have held off buying a
>> hearing aid for the last 5 years due to sticker shock. It wasn't until
>> the absolutev depression of being an outcast forced me put my life in
>> hock so that I could buy a good device. Alas, what do find from you
>> fine outstanding professionals... YOU ARE A BUNCH OF CAR
>> SALESPERSONS!! The $6,000 dollar porsche at one dealer is only a $3500
>> chevy at another. Don't talk to me about professionalism.  While $3500
>> is a lot of money it isn't the $6000 I had been lead to believe that
>> it was. I could have  been a better hearing person years ago if you
>> professionals talked more about the real cost of "MEDICAL CARE".

>> Thanks

>This is absolutely untrue.  More advanced hearing aids are going to
>be more expensive no matter who you go to to get your hearing aids.

>I am not a car salesman in the least and I work very hard to educate
>my patients on hearing loss, hearing aids, and the cost of different
>hearing aid options.  

>I don't think you should base your opinion of a profession based on
>one experience with one person and then bash that profession in it's
>own public newsgroup.  

>No ones perfect and I am not saying you are not justified in your feelings
>but the statement you just made is inaccurate about the profession
>of audiology as a whole.

>Thank you for your support,
>Paul Dybala
>dybala at utdallas.edu

Paul, we must not let one fellow's frustration cause us to engage in the same 
sort of fallacy. A car salesperson also has mouths to feed and a lifestyle to 
support. We are no better than they, we just have a different expertise. Poor 
audiologists, like poor car dealers, will not survive in private practice. 
Only those who are insulated from the realities of business life  are 
immune from market forces. If one does not please and help his patients, he 
will fail. That's the exciting thing about private practice. You succeed by 
your excellence or fail by your incompetence. I've made it 11 years. I do not 
apologize to anyone for my audiological or business practices.


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