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Presidential Hearing Aid

HearWHAC hearwhac at netins.net
Thu Oct 9 23:49:35 EST 1997

I've been gone for a couple days - so missed the amusing speculation on
what President Clinton will be wearing "part-time." After reading some
of the comments about what the President "could" be getting, I'm
reminded of the slogan, "Ready, Fire, Aim!" <G>

President Clinton's hearing aids are Widex Senso CIC's.

Paul Woodard ;-)

I'm wondering if this event will "give hearing aids a positive image" in
the same way President Reagan's getting a canal aid did in August, 1983?
Canal aids were relatively new at that time just like CIC's are
relatively new today. Our industry was very depressed, no thanks to
Ralph Nader, ASHA, FDA and FTC, back in the late 1970's. (Today's young
people don't remember those times, but they were quite meaningful to us
old-timers.) I'm enjoying the discussion about pricing - particularly
the part about "physicians don't discuss pricing." FWIW, you don't hear
doctors bad-mouthing other doctors. This is one lesson audiologists
would be wise to learn from the medical profession! The profession of
audiology would be a lot better respected for it! ("Audiologist 'A' is
'bad' because he charges fourteen thousand dollars for his hearing
aids." Or, "Audiologist 'B' is 'inferior' because he only charges $1.95
for his hearing aids." What's missing from this picture?)

I predict many of today's younger audiologists will learn from 1) being
a part of the 1993 FDA attack on the hearing aid industry and 2) what
can happen when something positive happens such as a President wearing
hearing aids. The first turns hundreds of thousands of people away from
hearing aids. The second causes hundreds of thousands of people to
obtain needed hearing help. Twenty-five years from now, today's young
dispensers will be saying the same thing. History has a way of repeating
itself. (25 years ago the battle was between "audiologists" and
"traditional hearing aid dealers." I predicted at that time that the
next generation would battle between "audiologists with masters degrees"
and "audiologists with Ph.D. degrees." I missed that one by two letters,
an "A" and a "u." Maybe 25 years from now the audiologists then will be
smart enough to not "bad-mouth" other dispensers in front of the public.
Bad-mouthing works like a mirror, it only reflects back!)

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