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Dan Kaminsky effugas at best.com
Mon Oct 6 23:58:15 EST 1997

Kimberly Skinner wrote in message <34369213.873 at in-con.com>...
>Dear fjp,
>I joined this newsgroup to have dialogues with other audiologists.
>What's irritating to me is to keep seeing price issues here when they
>could be dealt with somewhere else.

Where, perhaps?

> I didn't sign on to see what my
>colleagues are charging for their services!

Medicine is an interesting field that price discussion is verboten.  Of
course, usually allowables keep physicians from overpricing.  Allowables do
not in general exist for hearing aids--they often aren't covered.  (To my
knowledge, at least.)

Actually, I suppose you mean you didn't sign on so *we* could see what your
colleagues are charging for your services.  Physicians shouldn't have to be
hagglers, but in an industry that plays it both ways(don't try to change the
price, and don't know what the going rate is) maybe they're asking for it?

>I don't think we're a threat to free speech, isn't there a time and a
>place for everything?  Would you crash an audiology convention to talk
>about prices of hearing aids?

The purpose of an audiology convention is to help people hear better.  The
idea behind a more expensive hearing aid is that it lets people hear better.
The reality is that people DO NOT GET hearing aids because the only ones
that aren't horrible(feedback and a host of other things you know better
than I do) are nowhere near affordable.  So, yes, I think audiologists
should realize that people aren't going to them because A) All they hear
about the aids is that they *stink* and B) Not many people know about the
fully-digital ones that don't stink, and C) The few that do can't afford $3K
a device.

>Would you bust in to Audiology 101 at
>the local university and tell everyone there how you feel about your new
>hearing aids?

Actually, yes. If I was an audiologist, I think I'd be pretty interested in
how well a hearing aid really works, as opposed to what the company or my
patient is willing to say to my face.  I know someone very well whose
hearing aid is useless and has never told her audiologist this.

>  Do people sign on to other professional newsgroups to
>complain about their service charges?  Ever hear of "netiquette?"  Are
>those warnings to new users a violation of free speech?

Anybody with a clue about netiquette knows that it happens to be relative,
i.e. it's horrible netiquette to knock an arbitrary host off of Usenet but
not at all bad to knock Spam Central UUNet off.  UUNet abuses Usenet.  You
abuse us.  Not you personally, but your profession violates a basic tenant
of capitalism and then gets annoyed if we band together to subvert the

>I would go so far as to say that money is not the issue with hearing
>aids, but acceptance of the hearing loss.  If you can't accept your
>hearing loss, how can you justify paying the money for quality hearing
>aids fitted by a professional?  My patients who have truly accepted
>their hearing loss tell me better hearing is a bargain at any price.

Ha!  I'd love to hear this for cars.  "The gasoline industry will no longer
place prices on posts, as the ability to drive places is a bargain at any

>As far as being hushed, I had my prices posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB
>until my competitors were using that information to my disadvantage!

And this is bad because...

>We're not trying to keep secrets, we're trying to carry on conversations
>about professional issues.

THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL ISSUE.  This is the reason why you, as a
professional, DO NOT GET CLIENTS.  This is a reason, why you as a
professional ARE NOT TRUSTED.  There is a general perception that unless you
mortgage your house, your hearing aid will make noise audible throughout
concert halls.  Now, as a professional, can you tell me this isn't true?

>(I couldn't keep it in anymore...)

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