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Widex Senso Pricing

jbell at barint.on.ca jbell at barint.on.ca
Thu Oct 2 19:35:21 EST 1997

Interesting perspective Sandra but its my experience that unless you are
personally severely hard of hearing its really impossible for you to really
understand what it is like to wear a digital aid vs an analog aid. Kinda like
trying to explain to a non skier the thrill of standing on the top of a 5,000
foot mountain and skiing to the bottom!

To those of us experiencing the benefits, the senso is far more than hype and
being wowed. Its the only aid on the market that is fully digital (no bandpass
filters like some that claim digital) hence no distortion, and that means
vastly improved discrimination (like no more say whats!). It fits the normally
audible sound into the users comfortable range (You are right it seems soft
compared to an analog aid because the sound level is always comfortable..if you
want to damage your ears more keep using an analog manual aid that exceeds your
upper level tolerance). It filters out persistant noise..try it with an organ
and it can pick out and cut down a single note that persists for more than 10
seconds and leave the surrounding notes that do not persist alone.(I can now
have a normal conversation in my car with the windows and roof open driving at
65mph..and hear the radio too!). True it cannot figure out what your brain
wants but neither can the normal ear..only the brain can do that..and guess
what.. with the Senso it now can do that once again.

I no longer consider analog aids to be in the category of "appropriate tools".
Continuing to represent them as adequate solutions for the hearing impaired is
misleading. Kinda like selling black and white TV's or 78RPM record players or
286 Computers!  Perhaps if the time were taken to explain to the people you
reference, what they are hearing and why, it would help them adjust and
appreciate the real benefits of digitals..

Smiling again with my 17 year old Senso ears!

Sandra and Dan Hobson wrote:

> Seems like everyone is being "wowed" by the new digital technlogy...and
> currently the Senso is getting alot of hype.  I have talked to a number of
> Senso users and yes it is good technology...but it is still just a tool.
> Some report they miss their Volume Control...or it just seems too "soft".
> Again no hearing aid can do it all... we are still dealing with a
> pathological ear and the heearing aid is still not smart enough to know
> what our brain "wants" to listen to in different situations.  For example,
> the hard of hearing person goes to say a sports party,with the ballgame on
> tv and one group in the room is focused on that and discussing the game and
> the other group in the room is more interested in catching up with one
> another's activities, families, etc. ...the hearing aid is not smart enough
> to know which you want to focus on...you still have to position yourself,
> watch your lighting, etc.  We have to remember the person still has that
> responsibility as well as making sure the hearing aid is clean, battery is
> good and inserted, etc.  The person is ultimately responsible for listening
> to what is in hearing range, and making use of appropriate tools.
> Smile,    Sandra Hobson

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