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digital hearing aids

letters letters at ix.netcom.com
Sun May 25 20:38:10 EST 1997

Pt Magi,

I have found your experience with digital ha's helpful and thus indeed
will give Widex Senso a try.  I will return my  DigiFocus soon because
of the background noise problem.  My audiologist before prescribing me
the DigiFocus did mention that the Senso is steered toward the speech
range.  After at least 3 times of office visits for adjustments for
noise problem and inadequate gain settings, I have had it with the
DigiFocus, though I must say the clarity of sound is quite good with
this model.  I want to try out the competitor to Oticon.  Now I am
concerned about how much he will charge me for the office visits.  I
had seen posted here that some audiologists don't charge any amount
period if you return within the trial period.

Pt Magi,   are Senso only sold at authorized dealers as the DigiFocus
ha's are?

do respond to me also through my email address for I don't go on here
frequent enough.

where do you get more info re.   Senso?

thanks for sharing with the list.

Best Wishes.

Scott Pham

ptmagi at aol.com (Pt Magi) wrote:

>In the case of the Widex Senso it has EVERYthing to do with noise
>reduction.  As proof of my claim, I am copying the info I referred to in
>my last post:

>The SensoTM aid has no audible microphone or amplifier noise, and uses a
>high sampling frequency. The digital signal processor is designed to
>steady state noises such as air conditioners, cafeteria "babble", engines,
>road noises. One user reported that the background noise of the airplane
>was riding in almost completely disappeared (which gave him quite a scare)
>when the signal processor circuit turned on. It remains to be seen what
>will actually be allowed by the FDA after the study is complete.

>It is designed to REDUCE steady state noises.  How much simpler can it be
>put? Again, I have tried them and can attest that it DOES do EXACTLY that!

>I don't doubt that you didn't intend to antagonize me, but please try to
>understand, I AM antagonized by people who misstate the truth -
>particularly in such a forum as this, and worse,  by a professional who
>should be more careful about misleading the people who come here for
>information.  You can add all of the patronizing niceties at the end of
>your posts that you want (e.g.: As long as it
>meets your expectations that all that counts...OR, .I'm happy your happy
>and will leave it at) it doesn't make me any less angry at the fact that
>you post faulty and unsupported opinions here as fact.

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