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programmable cic info

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Tue May 6 00:22:57 EST 1997

Received in personal email account... Thhought the group would be
interested in learning about this....

>From: keskritt at sprynet.com
>Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 20:58:08 -0700
>Subject: programmable cic info
>To: audioman at hctc.net
>I am an audiologist in Ontario, and have fit quite a few
>Siemens Music CICs, with pretty good results.  The Music
>circuit is quite flexible, and can fit anywhere from a flat
>configuration to a steeply sloping one.  The best feature
>of this circuit is that it is basically a two-channel device,
>with a variable cross-over frequency (Fc) that you can adjust
>from about 1600 Hz through to 3200 Hz.  There are two bands
>(AGC1 and AGC2) which you can program essentially independant
>of one another.  There is a master gain (MG) which acts like
>a volume control.  In each channel, you have independent control
>of your compression kneepoint (as low as 45 dB) and compression
>ratio.  You also can vary your release time from 100ms or 300ms.
>You can also turn off the compression to create a linear circuit.
>Thus, the aid is flexible enough that you can fit steeply sloping
>losses, such as with NIHL, by making channel one linear and adding
>compression to channel two.  Or you can fit flat losses by adjusting
>the compression  in both channels for WDRC with 45dB kneepoints.
>The real downfall of this circuit is the parameter called Frequency
>Balance (FB) which kind of acts like a low cut and high cut combined.
>So, when you cut the lows, the circuit adjusts the highs for more
>natural sound (i.e., adjusting both channels), and you may also see
>the circuit adjust the MG to compensate as well.  However, Siemens
>heard enough complaints about this that they revised the software
>for the programmer, and now you have the option of going into the
>Advanced Features menu to change the FB to independent NH (low cut)
>and NL (high cut) parameters.
>Rumour has it that a Resound CIC is in the works...can't wait!
>So, any more questions, you can post them or e-mail keskritt at sprynet.com
>K. A. Eskritt, M.Cl.Sc., Reg CASLPO

Thanks for your contribution... I think I will be looking into adding
this into my practice...


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