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New Hearing Aids

user at sig.below user at sig.below
Wed Jun 25 10:14:58 EST 1997

On 25 Jun 1997 05:06:33 GMT, rsiegel663 at aol.com (RSiegel663) wrote:

+Mr Wood should know better!

I do now, as the group moderator has made me aware of the policy.

+It's always nice to compare apples to ...... chickens.

I thought the subject was well defined, the pricing of a Widex Senso.

+What warrenty is each dispenser offering, or service package, or model of
+It's also nice to know a semi retired physician that will do a T & A at
+your home, he had his done that way and has experience!   ;-D
+If you want to help a consumer refer them to a state association or tell
+them to talk with other professionals in the area.  In New Jersey we have
+the NJ Assoc of Hearing Health Professionals, an association of
+dispensers, and dispensing audiologists that could help.  Why not help
+rather than refer to a low ball office.

The gentleman had already stated that he had been to an audiologist and
that the Widex Senso was a consideration. The subject was the quoted
price, not a reference to a shoddy dispenser, simply a number quoted to
be considered in his negotiation. I'm amazed that there is such an uproar
created when a dollar value is discussed regarding hearing aids. 8^) 

I, myself, paid more than the price I had quoted, as I chose a full service
organization and an audiologist who had the reputation and skills to fit
and program the aid. I did, however, negotiate the end price as the result
of doing comparison shopping with other sources. The source I bought
from gave me the highest price initially but was willing to negotiate when
informed of my survey. I understand that a business must make a profit
but I'm also an informed consumer. I make it my business to know what
I am buying and what it is worth. 

The industry would be far better served if manufacturers published
suggested list prices for their products instead of supporting those
who inflate prices and contribute to the problems as mentioned in
several recent publications which have been posted and discussed
in this group.

Bob Wood
bwood at netcom.com

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