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Family Circle Article of HA's

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Sun Jun 22 22:14:46 EST 1997

Picked up a copy of "Family Circle" this weekend.  Here is a copy of the
article for those interested.  I have typed the introduction and section
pertaining to hearing aids.

From: Family Circle, 6/24/97, Page 26


"Rip-Off Alert! 7 New Scams"
by Amanda Gardner

The National Fraud Information Center in Washington, D.C., receives nearl=
400 call a day from people who fear they=92ve been tricked by a scam.  Wh=
their best advice?  Don=92t believe anything that sounds too good to be t=
 And steer clear of the latest cons.


Many of us will need hearing aids at some point in our lives, but if you
aren=92t careful, you could easily spend thousands on a defective device.
Dishonest dealers abound.  Be wary of so-called =93free hearing clinics:
where the customer is lured in by a free but fake examination and then
talked into buying a hearing aid from the clinic.  Make sure your hearing
exam is done by a certified medical professional.

Expert Advice

- Dealers are prohibited from selling hearing aids without a physician=92=
evaluation.  However, if the customer signs a waiver, then the dealer is
absolved of any responsibility should the product be defective.  In
situations like this, you have no recourse, so be careful.  Read and
understand everything before you sign.

- Have your hearing checked by an otologist.  A thorough examination is
essential in order to get the correct hearing device.  In some cases,
hearing loss is treatable and a device is not necessary.

- =93Ask your otologist to recommend a dealer,=94 says Neil Sperling, M.D=
director of otology at the State University of New York Health Science
Center in Brooklyn.

- Don=92t allow a dealer to rush you.  Hearing aids often require several
fittings over a period of weeks.

- Don=92t buy from dealers who sell over the phone or door-to-door.  And
beware of pressure tactics like =93You must sign up today=94 and =93Last =
to buy at discount prices.=94  You should always allow yourself time to d=

Amanda Gardner is a freelance writer who lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.


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