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Family Circle -- audiology awareness

Paul D Dybala dybala at utdallas.edu
Wed Jun 18 08:48:21 EST 1997

There was some discussion about this on the asha
audiology listserv.

It listed hearing aids as the #2 ripoff in the country!!

The reference for this information was from an otologist
hence the recommendation of going to an otologist 
for a hearing aid!  

(right!)  The article fails to mention audiologists at all,
and also fails to mention that the OTOLOGIST 99.9% of the time has nothing
to do with hearing aids, has no formal training in hearing aids,
and usually refers to the AUDIOLOGIST that is in their office to
recommend, fit, and adjust!

I WOULD HIGHLY recommend that the audiologists, dispensers, and manuf.
out there to write family circle about how the information is biased,
one sided, and INNACURATE!

Many individuals obtain benefit and could not get through the day without
hearing aids.  What is misunderstood by most is that it is a hearing aid
not a new ear.  Damage has been done to the hearing organ that
cannot be fixed and so when an individual connot hear as well as they 
like they blame the hearing aid or the person who dispensed it.

I am not trying to shift all of the blame on the patient but I wanted
to restate that it is a multifaceted problem (hearing loss) that
is not as simple to fix as most think.

Paul Dybala

Rob Pluta (rpluta at gte.net) wrote:
> While on recent vacation my wife brought this to my attention.

> In the June 24th 1997 issue, the USA magazine Family Circle ran an article
> about consumer rip-offs and hearing aids were mentioned in the article.
> Family Circle has huge public exposure since it is found at nearly every
> grocery check-out line.

> Among other suggestions, the freelance writer suggested that to avoid
> getting ripped off one should have their hearing checked by an *otologist*!
> The word audiologist was never mentioned in the article. The writer may
> have obtained information for the article from the National Fraud
> Information Center.

> Letters should be directed to:
> Your Letters
> Family Circle
> 375 Lexington
> NYC, NY 10017

> OTOH, kudos to Popular Mechanics for a recent good article (IMO) about the
> digital technology. This author knew who the hearing aid specialist is.

> Now back to the thread that will never end...

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> Brandon, FL 33511     the less folks know, the more they have to say."
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Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at utdallas.edu

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