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Unitron US80 FM boots

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Wed Jun 18 00:46:17 EST 1997

zuller at ARGOSCOMP.COM (Dana Zuller) writes:

>To Jeffrey and Lois,

>Thank you for your reply to my query about the Unitron US80 FM boots.
>Lois, it is interesting that you brought up Phonak and their
>FM boots.

>As mentioned in my first message, I am the parent of a 7 year-old
>boy with a severe to profound hearing loss. In fact, his Unitron US80
>Sigma programmable aids are now over 3 years old. We found out that
>his model his NOT compatible with the new FM boots, that we would have
>to convert his aids at a cost of almost $100 apiece. 

>Our audiologist isn't encouraging us to put more money into 
>the aids; she also likes the Phonak aids and told us about their
>FM boots. 

At first, I thought "Some good advice, if you can afford it...", but
after some more thought I'm thinking that I would have a serious
conversation with your son's audiologist re: what will he gain with
new hearing aids over re-tooling his old ones.  If you are looking at
the same type of circuit, then I don't think that buying new aids is
a good idea.  If your audiologist recommends something that has advanced
technology over his old aids, then this may be the way to go, if you can
afford it....

>I don't know about the reliability of Phonak aids on kids -
>the Unitrons have been very reliable. 

My feelings concerning children and BTE aids is the strength of the
cases used to house the electronics and the suspectibility to moisture.
In my experience, Phonak cases are one of the best on the market in terms
of case stability along with good quality switches.  There is nothing worse
than a child who's hearing aids are worn two weeks, then in the repair shop
for two weeks.

>There is also the question of how sturdy any of these FM
>boots are.

Since they are so new, I don't know if anyone can answer this

>I look forward to reading your input on this.

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