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Wed Jun 11 00:00:55 EST 1997

Many of you are in tornado country so the following may interest you.
As far as I know no efforts were made to improve warning for the 
hearing impaired.


Fort Smith, Arkansas
June 9, 1997; 12 Noon

Neutronics Technologies Corporation, an international leader of
Artificial Intelligence research, is announcing the donation of its
patent rights and claims to the Tornado Advance Warning System, better
know as TAWS, to the public, and the donation of the experimental
equipment designed in the TAWS research process to the City of Fort
Smith's, Old Fort Museum April 21, 1996 Tornado Exhibit.

Neutronics Technologies Corporation CEO, Lee Kent Hempfling
stated: "It has always been our goal with TAWS to save lives.
In order to speed up that goal we have decided to give TAWS
away.  We will provide the method, the process and the
details of the TAWS system to any organization, domestic or foreign,
wishing to use it to save lives.  We will cooperate fully in helping
whomever chooses to accept TAWS as a responsibility with the
development of the system and our company will provide teaching
expertise for the staff chosen to install and operate it.  In
addition, we will permit our provisional patent application for TAWS
to expire without further activity on our part and we will grant the
TAWS technology to public domain".

NTC  will provide the plans for the TAWS sensor and siren units to any
organization willing to manufacture them without paying license costs
to NTC.  NTC's primary business is its CORE(tm) processor which will
not be included for use in the process.  TAWS will function with
relatively primitive computer technology, even though it was designed
to be used with NTC's state of the art CORE(tm) processor.  The
CORE(tm) processor handles a minimum of 3.24 trillion bits
per second in a 28 hertz loop within a logic system known as
Triologic capable of an exponential increase in processing power over
and above the first generation of CORE(tm) products.  CORE(tm) stands
for Correlational Opposition Ratio Enhanced Technology.  The company
will however, assist with development of a less advanced computer
program, to be used with TAWS, should the CORE(tm) processor not be
used.  NTC will retain its other patent procedures and technology, and
is requiring only that the system be called TAWS.  However, NTC will
not exercise its trademark rights to the TAWS name, nor will any
organization be required to acknowledge or reference NTC for this

The continued loss of life and property due to tornado activity is
proof positive that the tornado warning systems currently in operation
are clearly inadequate.  TAWS is unique in that it takes into account
the fact that in tornado prone areas of the country watches and
warnings are sounded frequently and many times are either false or not
applicable to the part of the county they are heard in.  Residents
become accustomed to the false alarms.  Soon, the sirens sound and
the residents are left wondering if it was just another false alarm or
if it was a warning intended for another part of the county.  With the
present systems that are in place, residents have no way of knowing
whether they should or should not take action; whether their location
is in danger or whether it is not.  Thus, many choose to do nothing
and risk death.  The current systems reduce residents sense of urgency
instead of heightening it.  What is needed is a system that takes into
account these human tendencies.  TAWS provides a system of stepped
awareness.  When a watch is issued nothing happens.  Before an
official warning is issued, level one activates with beeping sounds
that increase in volume as the threat increases from all sensor arrays
in the area. If an official warning is issued TAWS will activate level
two sounds from each sensor location. If no rotation is present in the
TAWS area, alarms do not increase to level three.  But, if rotation is
sensed in the TAWS area, or nearly approaching it, sensor sounds split
and change to a level three siren sound with only the zones effected
by the rotation issuing level three sounds.  The level three siren
sounds increase in volume as the threat increases.  When there is a
vortex formation observed level four will sound from the sensors
effected by it in a high pitch warble with the initial design also
providing voice announcing ability for the areas effected so emergency
dispatchers can actually talk to the citizens.  The residents in those
zones know it is THEIR home in danger not some false alarm and not
some other part of the county.  All they have to do is drive toward a
lower level sound.  After the recent tornado caused disasters it is
clear to see that what is needed is a more advanced warning system; a
system that takes human nature into account.

For more information about TAWS visit the NTC WEB site at
National and international weather organizations may acquire the TAWS
process by writing on official letterhead to TAWS , in care of
Neutronics Technologies Corporation (USA) 523
Garrison Avenue , Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901, USA

For more information call 1-501-782-9999 or submit the request to
tawsinfo at neutronicstechcorp.com.

Neutronics Technologies Corporation (USA) is affiliated with
Neutronics Technologies Corporation Europe Limited, Birmingham,

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