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Eugene A. Pallat eapallat at orion-data.com
Fri Jun 6 12:25:10 EST 1997

John Fields <starship at freeside.fc.net> wrote in article
<5n6gft$on1$1 at yakuza.fc.net>...
> Arny Krüger (arnyk at pop3.concentric.net) wrote:
> : Luc.vanHoye at ping.be wrote in article <33935466.1CC at ping.be>...
> : > I am trying to figger out if the impedance of an audio device has
> : > something to do with how loud its signal can go...
> : It does not.
> : Impedance and sensitivity are separate specifications.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> It does.
> Consider an amplifier with an 8 ohm output impedance feeding 8 volts into

> a speaker with an 8 ohm impedance.  The speaker will be dissipating 8 
> watts of power and will generate a specific sound pressure level.
> Next, consider the same amplifier putting 8 volts into a 16 ohm load.
> Since P = E^2 / R, the power being pumped into the load is 8^2 / 16, or 4

> watts, which will yield a lower sound pressure level.

You're totally missing the point  You are confusing voltage level with
power levels.

You are putting LESS POWER into the 16 ohm speaker which results in a lower
sound level.  This has absolutely nothing do do with efficiency which is
function of the physical engineering design of the speaker and the
> The assumption, of course, is that both speakers have the same efficiency

> and are, in fact, identical except for their impedances.

If thet are of identical impedances, puting 1 watt of power into either
speaker will result the EXACT SAME sound level!
> John Fields

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