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Arny Krüger arnyk at pop3.concentric.net
Sat Jun 7 02:44:31 EST 1997

John Fields <starship at freeside.fc.net> wrote in article
<5n6gft$on1$1 at yakuza.fc.net>...
> Consider an amplifier with an 8 ohm output impedance feeding 8 volts into

> a speaker with an 8 ohm impedance.  The speaker will be dissipating 8 
> watts of power and will generate a specific sound pressure level.
> Next, consider the same amplifier putting 8 volts into a 16 ohm load.
> Since P = E^2 / R, the power being pumped into the load is 8^2 / 16, or 4

> watts, which will yield a lower sound pressure level.
> The assumption, of course, is that both speakers have the same efficiency

> and are, in fact, identical except for their impedances.

If you assume enough, then specific cases where a general statement seems
incorrect can be contrived.

My problem is that I've seen so many combinations of efficiency and
impedance, and I know a little about where efficiency and impedance come
from in terms of design. 

In the end one decides that they are, as a rule, orthogonal to each other.
Which is why most folks specify them separately.

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