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John Woodgate jmw at jmwa.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 3 01:52:06 EST 1997

In article <33935466.1CC at ping.be>, Luc.vanHoye at ping.be writes
>I am trying to figger out if the impedance of an audio device has
>something to do with how loud its signal can go...

No, nothing at all.

>for example:
>I have a Roland XP80 (the audio device) which allows headphones with an
>impedance between 8-150 Ohms.
>Now, is it so that if I should use an 20 Ohms headphone I will probably
>get a louder signal then if I should use a headphone with an 150 Ohms

One cannot tell: the sensitivity is not directly related to the
>Could anyone explain me how this works and what people mean if they say
>that a headphone is 'hard to drive'?! 

You must ask them not to use vague and unscientific phrases.
>Second, if I have the option, is it always better to chose a headphone
>with low impedance?
>I would really appreciate it if somebody could explain this to me!
>Thanks in advance!
>Luc van Hoye.

There is a thread going on this group about headphone 'matching',
including a description of the standard 5 V/120 ohm interface, which
attempts to feed headphones from 8 to 600 ohms with at least enough
power to give a reasonable listening level. I suggest you follow this
back in time, via DejaNews if you haven't still got the articles in your
local storage. But the Roland might not use the standard interface.
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