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wierd problems with KAMP

MMartina mmartina at peganet.com
Fri Jan 17 19:09:10 EST 1997

Susan Moore wrote:
> I'm stumped with this and I want to know if anyone has had similar experiences,
> and if anyone has any solutions...
> My problem is that I have had 3 patients all with K-Amp circuits from various
> mfgs. have very strange problems (strange in that I haven't heard of these problems
> before--which could be my lack of dispensing experience which is why I appeal to
> the group for help).  These problems are described as "beeping," intermittentcies,
> and one patient had a VERY wierd sound when opening and shutting the battery door
> of a CIC that sounded like an airplane taking off and landing that was
> intermittent.  Furthermore, the aid frequently wouldn't work right away after the
> airplane sound/closing batt. door and took several seconds to come on.
> The airplane problem only happened with the battery door being opened or closed and
> the factory told me that the aid was shorting out and then kicking in.  I don't know
> enough about electronics and while I guess this is a possible answer, it sounded
> fishy to me and the guy's other hearing aid NEVER did this and I and 3 other
> experienced audiologists had never experienced this nor heard anything like what the
> aid was doing.  After two repair trips to the factory the aid still did this.  The
> first trip was a fit problem, though...but still....this was a very wierd thing that
> never was fully resolved.  The patient could live with it, so I let it go.
> The other 2 KAmp problems have been similar.  The patient reports popping, ringing,
> and intermittentcies in the aid that they do not think is their hearing and that
> battery changes do not fix.  They say it is a different sound than the motorboating
> that the aid does when the battery is on its last legs.  Does Kamp have some sort of
>  problem?  Is this a fitting problem??  Is this just a coincidence and the aids just
> need repair?  This has happened with two different patients of mine.  Also, could
> static electricity have caused some damage to the aids and caused the circuit to do
> this?  Help!
> Email the group and me personally with your replies if you don't mind!
> Thanks!!
> Susan
> smoore at otolaryngology-po.oto.uiowa.edu

I can only offer advice on the first problem.  In many K-Amp circuits
there is an initial "warm-up" period of 10-15 seconds which sounds like
your "airplane" and the aid then slowly comes "on".  This can happen
whenever the aid is turned off and on.  In the case of a CIC fitting,
it's just coincidence that the battery door would cause this because, in
effect, the door is the on and off switch.  GN Danavox sends a card with
their K-Amp hearing aids which describes normal functions of the circuit
so there are no surprises.  I'm sure if you contacted them they'd be
happy to send you one of these cards.

Whoever you ordered the aids from should have been able to tell you
about this.  Use a better informed manufacturer next time!

Hope this is helpful.


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